3 Questions that will bring your family closer together.

1) Am I free to express my emotions in a healthy way?

Being able to be honest about how you feel or thoughts your dealing with creates healthy communication & improves relationships.

2) Am I continually working to understand others, even when they have a different communication style then me?

Asking questions & trying to understand what the other person means is more important than being right.

3) Am I willing to discover my strengths and weaknesses through self awareness?

Learning about your emotional triggers & patterns can be difficult to digest; however, they can also bring the most transformation in a relationship.

Focusing on communication, understanding & self awareness will bring families closer together.

We used these questions to keep our family together when we were falling apart.

Our marriage was on the brink of divorce a few years ago. Our kids were struggling emotionally and hiding their pain from us.

We revamped our household emotionally and improved our relationships by leaps and bounds. These 3 questions were part of the revamp. We also did a lot of healing work and received energy healing sessions to help us deal with the guilt, sadness, and anger we all had built up.

Start with these questions to see if there are a few tweaks you can make in the household to improve your relationships & bring your family closer together.

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