Are you following your desires & intuition to manifest more in life?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

We all have desires & gifts that we are born with. Learning to connect to those things can bring more manifestation, happiness, & peace in our life. If there is anything we can learn from Scorpio Season it's to follow our intuition & make room for transformation. We are in the peak of Scorpio Season with 11/11 soon approaching. 11/11 is the perfect time to manifest more of what you desire. It is the manifestation portal that brings awareness to your subconscious thoughts so you can manifest more effectively. How can we follow our intuition, make room for transformation, & connect more to our desires? We have to ask ourselves some questions & really be open to change. Surrendering to our intuition & opening up to deeper levels of our heart can help guide us along the way. Meditation is a great way to start the process; however, I believe it goes even deeper than just a few short moments of meditation. It takes some time & work. Here are some questions to meditate on... First, what is working in your life & what isn't? To find this out, look at the areas of your life that bring the most frustration. What is causing this frustration? Ask in meditation & then ask or research how you can relieve this frustration. Start simple, do the easiest thing that brings the biggest benefit. Second, when we are frustrated, stressed, or anxious it can be because we are doing too much or we are focusing on the wrong things. Looking at the bigger picture by asking what you can let go of will help you gain more of what you want. When we let go of things that aren't working for us then we make room for more of the things that actually do work for us. You can meditate & ask what you can let go of to gain more in life. Third, take a moment because the first two questions can take some time & may even bring up some emotions. Then it's time to make a plan on how you can follow your desires more. Connecting to your heart & listening to it's soft whispers will help with this. Sometimes we have to clear old emotions, limiting beliefs, & trauma from our past to hear our heart more. When we have pain or limitations blocking us, it can cause us to put up heart walls. These walls can make it difficult to hear & act on the whispers of our heart. You can clear the old emotions by working with the emotions & releasing them. An old emotion usually has a fear or trigger attached to it. When someone does something that triggers you to react suddenly then it's probably an old emotion that needs to be worked with & released. You can ask yourself why these triggers are coming up by looking at the root of them. You have to go deep to get all the way to the root of these emotions & triggers which can take some time. Here are some things that might help while working with the heart, transformation, & living the life you desire:

* Working with the crystal/gemstone Moldavite. Only work with this stone if you are ready for intense change coming into your life in a way that brings the quickest transformation.

* Working with the crystal Rose Quartz. This crystal is great for healing deeper levels of the heart. It is known for it's support of unconditional love so you can heal heart walls, relationships (including your relationship with yourself), & brings compassion & comfort.

* Clearing limitations, blocks, & trauma.

* Think positively, flip any negative self talk to a positive. Even if all you can say is I recognize my negative self talk & I choose to stop thinking negatively about myself.

* And of course meditating.

Next weeks post will be about our personal power & how to use Scorpio energy to work with our personal power. 

Until then I wish you peace, blessings, & happiness!!

Amber Dawn
Holistic Healing Practitioner

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