Feeling like you don't deserve the good things in your life?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

When we feel unworthy or like we don't deserve the good things in our life it's usually related to having a difficult time receiving. Many of us are taught that we are not worthy of something unless we have "earned" it. If we have been raised to earn things, then when love is freely given our mind can play tricks on us telling us that we don't deserve it.

This of course is a limiting belief that is untrue. Love isn't something that you earn it's something that is freely given. Respect & trust on the other hand may need to be earned if it has been broken. If you are feeling unworthy of love you may have some stuck energy in your heart chakra. What does this mean? Well, you've probably been hurt in the past or have been taught limiting beliefs that caused you to believe you don't deserve love. In many cases we end up self sabotaging our love life by rejecting love because we believe we "don't deserve" it. So what can you do to heal this past hurt or limiting belief? You can start by working with your heart chakra energy. This is a big energy that can take some time to heal or may need more healing than just a little attention here & there. Here's the truth, you are worthy & deserving of love, of receiving good things, of forgiveness, of self love, & so much more than that. Allow yourself to receive the good things without self sabotaging & rejecting. If you aren't sure what to say when receiving, simply say, "I accept or I will receive that."I had to say those words for years until I could receive without having to over think the gift of a compliment, a present, or even an act of service that was generous.

Here are some things you can do to open the energy of your heart.... 1) Do open-hearted exercises. Arch your back a bit & open your arms & shoulders wide to release tension around the front & back of your heart. This is a physical movement that creates energetic movement. If don't already know it, your heart has an eletromagnetic frequency that is sent out from the body & can be detected from about 5-6 feet away.

2) Talk to your heart. I know it may sound strange but quieting the mind & listening to the heart is a power technique to open the heart. You can ask specific questions or simply say affirmations to the heart. Your words are powerful & the energy within your body does respond to the energy of your words & thoughts.

3) Do things that make your heart happy. It can be little things such as buying yourself flowers, taking a different route that is more beautiful, listening to music that speaks to your heart, sitting near water & watching it flow. Whatever it is do more of it.

4) Connect with people who make you feel amazing, where you can be yourself & share your heart openly without judgment. The heart is calling us to connect on a deeper level. We must first connect with ourselves & accept our whole being. To do this we must forgive ourselves from past shame. Start by looking are yourself in the mirror & saying I forgive you for..... once you can forgive yourself start saying I love you to yourself in the mirror. This is a great way to accept yourself & trust me if you struggle to do you are not narcissistic or cocky, you are simply loving yourself as you would love anyone else, & that is not selfish. If you feel that you need more help with heart opening energy your welcome to reach out to me.

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