Healing Circles the benefits and power of them- The Power of Eight method

Have you ever been a part of a healing circle?

Have you heard the term healing circle or a power of 8 circle?

I want to dive into this intriguing topic to talk about how focused attention of a group can be a powerful healing tool.

First, let me briefly explain how to do a healing circle. A group of 6-12 individuals come together to focus energy on one person who stands in the center of the circle. This person is called the receiver. The people on the outside of the circle are called the intenders.

The group comes up with an intention for all of them to focus on, the intention is usually directly related to the person in the middle. The receiver is open to receiving the intention or healing energy and the intenders focus on visualizing the healing or intention already taking place (as if it has already come to fruition).

The focused intention can be to reduce crime in a specific area, to increase success in a business, or even heal someone’s illness. It doesn't really matter what the intention is as long as it is specific and very clear what the desired outcome looks like. This intention is focused on for 8-10 minutes.

Now, let's talk about the science behind the. The main tool used in these circles is focused intention.

Lynne McTaggert (the author of the book The Power of 8) conducted experiments on these circle groups to see if they would all have similar results after participating in what I call a healing circle. The experiments all resulted with the same outcome.

When these experiments were done in small groups they found that not only did the receiver of the healing energy had positive outcomes but the senders also had synchronicities or healings that happened to them as well. It was as if the healing energy would focus on the receiver and circulate to all the other members of the group.

In quantum mechanics, we understand that on a sub atomic level all things are actually ONE thing. Everything is connected through energy and therefor when one person is affected by something it not only effects that person but can effect others as well. This is can be explained by the Golden Rule- do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you put positive healing out to one person it comes back to you.

In Lynne McTaggart's study she did experiments with seeds. She had groups of people focus intention toward a seed to see how it would effect the seed.

Here's how the experiment was conducted -

4 seeds were labeled A, B, C, D and presented to an intention group virtually in Sydney, Australia, the seeds were actually in Tucson, Arizona. The group sent intentions to one of the seeds without notifying the Tucson experiment group which seed they focused on. After the focused intention group was finished the seeds were planted and then measured 5 days later.

The results of this experiment was impressive. The seed that was sent the intention grew taller than the other seeds. This experiment was conducted several times with seeds and other living materials and all had the same outcome.

This topic became so fascinating to my family that we had to participate in one of these healing circles. We had a friend who introduced us to The Power of 8 and then hosted a few healing circles that we were invited to participate in. We loved being apart of healing energy and focusing attention on other people. In the end we saw astonishing results of miraculous healings.

I suggest reading the book The Power of 8 by Lynne McTaggert.

However, if you are just super excited about this topic and want to know how to conduct a healing circle with the Power of 8 method- here are the details.

1-gather up with 5-11 others a total of 6-12 people the most popular is a group of 8.

2- decide who the receiver will be and allow a receiver to speak about their physical or emotional pain.

3- set a group intention based on the desired outcome the receiver would like to achieve. Make sure the intention statement is specific.

4- create a circle (physically or mentally), release any tention or worrying thoughts.

5- begin with a deep inhale and exhale while seeing the receiver with their desired results.

6- focus on the intention and visualize the outcome already happening. Do this by connecting to your heart center and sending intention from the heart for 8-10 min, you may want to use meditative music while focusing on the intention - Lynne recommends Johnathon Goldman Choco Ray song.

7- have all the group members share the experience the had during the healing circle. After sharing your experience remove yourself from the collective energy by disconnecting from the group energetically. This is my suggestion as an energy healer myself. Staying connected to others on this deep of a level can cause you to feel what others are feeling depending on how sensitive you are to energy.

8- connect with each other shortly after the healing circle is completed. Maybe within a few weeks or when you know the outcome has come to fruition.

If you would like to participate in a healing circle we will be conducting

a virtual circle on zoom in our Follow the Flow Facebook group. Space within the circle is limited, however, we plan do hold a healing circle once a month in the group.

You are welcome to join the group by clicking here- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1239143899760886/

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