Rise from the ashes with Scorpio energy

Intuition, transformation, & research are all things that can describe Scorpio energy; however, the phoenix rising is the symbol that best describes the energy. Life usually brings struggles when a major change is on the horizon. These struggles can tear us down to the point that we feel like we have been through the fire & crumbled to ashes. After the ashes we can rise like the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a bird that bursts into flames & falls into ashes, just when you think the bird is done for it rises with fire colored feathers more beautiful than ever before. 

How can we rise? 
Well, Scorpio teaches us to dig deep, follow our intuition, & trust the transformation process. 

Let go to gain more! 
When our intuition says to let go, that usually means we are ready for something new. We have to let go to gain more. We have to make space to the new by releasing the old. If we don't let go struggles may get even more difficult. Connecting to our personal power & setting aside the ego is the best way to transform with less struggle. The ego wants to control & has a picture of how thing "should" look.  

I personally believe Scorpio teaches us to follow our desires & connect to our personal power. 
So, here are a few questions to ponder for the Scorpion season...

What do you desire? 
Is there anything in the way of you reaching that desire?
How can you let go to gain more?

Your welcome to message us if you'd like share your thoughts. 
We will be sure to respond! 

Stay tuned for more information on working & aligning with the current energy!

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