Stuck at home Thanksgiving 2020? Here are some ideas...

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Holidays are meant to be spent with family or those that we love and they're also meant to be meaningful. So if you're stuck at home with a Covid-19 Thanksgiving then let’s talk about some of the things that you can still do to make it meaningful. 

My family is always trying to find meaningful ways to celebrate things, we’ve look at other cultures, different holidays, traditions. We’ve always celebrated in a way that was very meaningful to us, even if it meant changing our traditions. We typically do not do things the same way every year. We've learned to sit down and talk with everyone that's involved & ask them what is meaningful to them. We end up learning a lot about each other & what is important to each of us. Then we try to meet those needs for each member of the family….. Typically (we can’t meet every need all the time). 

Last year for Thanksgiving we ended up just having my family of four people my kids and my husband and what we did to make things different and fun and spice it up a bit we did a Chopped challenge (based off the T.V. show Chopped). I have a son and a daughter so we had two teams of two the girls team and the guys team. We all went shopping together, we separated in the store & picked out ingredients to give the other team. We made breakfast pizzas, it seemed like an easy thing we could do in the 30 mins time that we set for the challenge.  

It was really fun to have it time to have ingredients that we were unaware of and just do something together that was fun. We had a friend come over for a little bit be our judge & film our challenge. 

You can do things like this that are fun even during a pandemic or being stuck at home. I say, do what makes you happy, find things that excite you and do them. It doesn't have to be anything that takes a lot of time or energy, it can be super simple. Just do whatever is meaningful & brings joy to you & those around you. 

We hope you enjoy the holidays  this season and don't let the world events get you down, find some positivity in it, work with it and do something a little different. We would love to know what you end up doing we love to see creativity and how people celebrating, so if you were favorite recipes or favorite game or just something that you enjoy doing that may be out of the box then we'd love to hear from you. 

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