The Storms of Life & Calming Them before They do Damage!

What a week!!!

As I sit and ponder the happenings and emotions that showed up over the last week, I begin to feel an awareness come over me that is calming.

It’s calming the potential storm that’s brewing in the air.

I sense fear, worry, and uncertainty in this storm.

I feel myself lifting my pointer finger to the heavens to test the winds and see which way they may blow.

I could easily get caught up in this storm but instead I decide to take shelter. I feel my soul calling me to pause and go within, to re-evaluate.

I ask myself, is this storm headed my direction?

In other words, is it my storm?

I was once on a road trip with my mother and I remember paying close attention to the weather as it was so fascinating to me. On one side of the car it was raining, cloudy, and stormy. On the other side it was perfectly sunny and nice weather.

It was so bizarre for me to experience. Then I realized there has to be a dividing line of where something starts and where it ends, otherwise everything would be the same all over the globe all the time.

As I watch the storm form, I begin to decipher where it begins and where it ends.

When you feel the storm brewing on social media, the news, the gossip around remember to go within and ask - is this my storm? Shall I prepare for this storm or simply take shelter and let the storm pass over me and go where it’s meant to be.

Find your calm! Find your peace!

When or if your storm arrises, bring awareness to it and take the proper precautions.

Suggestions on how to deal with an emotional storm:

> Become aware of where the storm is coming from. Meditate, journal, ask

yourself questions to locate the direction of the wind.

> After determining suggestion number 1, ask yourself how you can release

or change the things that are causing the storm. Is it an emotion? A

situation? Something that you are doing that is taking you off path?

> Allow yourself to feel what needs to be felt, process what needs to be


> Change what you can change to calm the storm and let go of what you is

not in your power to change.

> Celebrate your victory and the passing of a potential storm.

Questions to ask yourself:

1) Is there anything that is out of alignment in my life at this time? Or ask about a specific situation and ask if you need to place attention on this situation. Write down what comes to you.

2) If you found something that needs to be worked with, ask how you can release it? Do you need to make some changes or just feel the emotions and let them be released from your field.

3) Feel what needs to be felt. If you are angry, don’t sepress that - feel it, write your anger down with the journal prompt I am angry or frustrated because…. You can also use do some physical movements to allow the anger to be released from your body.

One way to do this is to stand with your legs spread apart and knees slightly bent (as if you’re riding a horse), engage your core and then punch the air with swift alternating movements from each fist. Visualize the anger or frustration leaving your energy field and being transmuted into the air as it floats to the heavens.

4) Ask what you can do to change the situation, how you're feeling, your reaction or response and then let go of what you cannot change.

5) Celebrate your awareness and the inner work you just did! Ask what you can do that feels like it will integrate the frequency you just pulled in. Pat yourself on the back you’re doing the inner work and changing the world with each conscious choice you make.

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