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Our team will guide you through the writing process so you don't have to do it alone. 


When you're ready to publish we will walk you through that as well. 


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The Mystic Meadows Team strives to (write something encouraging).
We're guessing you're here for one of the following reasons:

You have a book in you, but you don't know where to start.

You've been told you can write your book in a short period of time, but you feel pressured to just get your book out there. 

You've started your book, but the road is lonely and you would love to be supported along the way. 

Our Framework 

Phase 1: Training 

Phase 2: Writing

Phase 3: Editing


You can stop here or continue and get your book published.

Phase 4: Book Design & Formatting

Phase 5: Publishing

Phase 6: Marketing Your Book

Writing a nonfiction book is healing. As you write, old wounds may resurface to be released. Our team offers energetic and healing services through meditations, clearings, and creative movement. These practices help with the creative flow. Don’t worry; we also provide training, support, and guidance to help you through every step of writing your book. 

When you are ready to take the step into sharing your work publicly we are here for you.  Whether you choose to self-publish, or publish through Mystic Meadows, we have a plan to fit your needs. We will guide you through the process or take care of the many details on your behalf. Either way, you will have creative say and your work will always belong to you. 

Mystic Meadows provides a supportive team, so you have the best experience. Rushing you through a writing course to just get your book out there isn’t our style. We want our authors to enjoy writing their books, so we created the Mystic Meadows Writing Team.


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Why Choose Mystic Meadows?

Writing a nonfiction book is healing. Diving back into your past brings up awareness that helps you heal old wounds. You may even begin to see the beauty in those painful memories. 

Finding a writing coach and publisher that creates space for your healing and doesn't rush you to "just get your book out there" is rare.

The writing process can be frustrating and lonely. When we wrote our book, we knew we would need support. We hired a publisher to help us, thinking everything would go smoothly. 

The opposite happened, and we felt left in the dark. We were not supported, coached, or trained on how to write a good story, edit, or prepare for publishing. Instead, we burnt ourselves out trying to meet short deadlines and search for answers to our many questions. 

Through all of our frustration, we decided we wanted to help other authors birth their books without the rush or loneliness. We worked on organizing the Mystic Meadows Writer's Team for months, with plans to launch nearly a year later. However, our plans changed the day we were supposed to turn in our final manuscript. 

​After we finished our manuscript, we found out the publisher would be placing a copyright in our book that stated they owned all of the content, meaning we would have to get permission to use any of our own writing in courses on our website or anywhere else. So, instead of handing our hard work over to the publisher, we launched our company with plans to publish on our own. A sense of relief washed over us as soon as we made the decision. 


A frustrating beginning that led us to a beautiful ending. Turns out we are a great team. Our company is built on integrity, support, and healing.

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