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Learn more about your core wounding in the box below. A healing session can help heal this wounding and empower you to step into the gifts your wounding is teaching you.


Heal . Awaken . Transform

I work with shamanic energy, alchemy, & light frequency to purify your body. I specialize in clearing deep emotional wounds & trauma so you can heal, awaken, & transform. 


Amber Dawn Healing Practitioner

Allow the spiritual technology of energy and light help you step into your gifts & talents, release limiting beliefs, & raise your frequency so you can RISE. 

I believe there are 3 steps to heal, awaken, & transform.  

Stage 1 is Release & Heal:

The first stage is awareness. When we have the awareness that we need healing, then we can release old patterns, limiting beliefs, & blocks that hold us back. Many of us are very good at stuffing our emotions & ignoring our need for healing. We tend to close off our hearts & lead with our minds. It is great to use our heads for logic but it was not made to feel emotions. The heart was made to feel, when we shut down our emotions we shut down the heart & ignore what it is trying to tell us. We need to use both our minds and heart to guide us in life.  During a healing session, we work with deep levels of the heart. We invite the heart to open and release pain so we can feel a deeper connection to ourselves, the Divine, & others. As we raise our consciousness we also need to be open to unconditional love which releases many judgments & allows us to connect with others on a deeper level. 


Stage 2 is to Receive & Awaken:

After we have released the many emotions, patterns, & other limitations we can then receive more light & experience a frequency shift. As we go through the transference in frequency we raise our consciousness & may seem to feel guided, have more joy, & stay uplifted without allowing things to bring us down as easily. We are able to take our power back & not give it to others as often. At times it may be difficult to hold this frequency of light which is why regular sessions can help us stay at this frequency.


Stage 3 is Rise & Transform:

At this stage, we are able to tap into our own self-mastery. We connect with our higher self & higher consciousness. During this stage, we are able to rise to new heights & utilize our gifts & talents in the world. We are then able to hold more light & anchor our lightbody. We are able to live with more compassion &  unconditional love. Fear is no longer able to hold us back. While we may still experience initiation here & there, we are more likely to learn from them without the extra drama that may have ensued. 

A session can support you to:

  • gain insight into the state of the energetic body

  • heal & empower yourself to create more self-mastery

  • receive healing on the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual levels

  • strip away fear, judgment, & emotional blockages

  • release old thoughts, patterns, & hurts

  • connect to the new EMF (electromagnetic frequency) of the earth

  • be more compassionate with yourself & others

  • give & receive unconditional love & live more from the heart

  • hold more light to anchor your light body & ascend to the 5th dimension

  • clear attached entities




Healing Session

This is a relaxing & heartfelt healing that integrates frequency changes within the body. Specific healing procedures relevant to the your needs are applied to identify the underlying causes of any illness or imbalances.

1.5 hrs

Clearing Session

If something feels off or strange about your home, or office space, than this healing is for you. Specific healing procedures are applied to identify & clear the underlying causes of any imbalances, stuck energy, or entities attached to the space. 

1.5 hrs


Lightbody Session

Healing & Clearing Sessions

Includes a Mother Load session on your family as a unit, a session for each family member, & a session on the energy of your home. This is a quick way to shift the energy within your living space. It provides insight and healing on all aspects of the home & family.

10+ hours of healing. 

Frequency Session

This session uses the energies of crystals, elements of nature, animal magic, & platonic solids to provide relevant information to support the realizations that are necessary for you to gently raise your consciousness.

30 min