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Seeing in the Dark!​

Are you...

Seeing signs or patterns that you don't understand

Wishing you had the energy to deal with life

Feeling lost & alone

Feeling your soul crying out for more than the mundane


 the tribe

We have one mission: help you get unstuck, create the life you want, & connect to yourself & others on a deeper level.

We’re elated you're here. This is the home of the Mystic Owl Membership, a new community for Spiritual Seekers, Mystics, Moms of gifted children, & Energy Enthusiasts. We’re all about helping you transform your life.


Our guidance will help connect your heart & mind for more clarity & confidence. Overwhelmed, overloaded, overdoing & overthinking has plagued us for long enough & society just feeds this pattern. We can break the pattern by connecting to deeper levels of our heart. Our heart has the inner wisdom & knows the way of the soul, so let's follow it's guidance.


We helped our own family heal the past & awaken the future. We’ve worked with hundreds of mystics, to help them feel more calm, connected, & confident. 

No matter whether you’re new to energy alignment or you’ve been practicing for years. If you are looking for more help and support on your journey – we’ve got you covered. We have many resources to help you make the progress you want, no matter what stage you’re in on your awakening & healing journey.


Ready to start?

Join our amazing community, achieve amazing results. 


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You're experiencing: dreams with deep messages, spiritual interactions, or re-occuring patterns (the same situation showing up over & over again).

You're emotions are holding you back from doing the things you desire & you want more in life than the mundane.

You're a Mom of a gifted child & want to understand them better. Or you have supernatural gifts but don't fully understand them.

You're an intuitive or an empath who is sensitive to energy shifts, other people's energy, or navigating your emotions. We have a community that will support & accept you!

In this community you will be supported by Jeremiah & Amber - Certified Sound & Shamanic Healing Practitioners. This is so much more than feel good affirmations or postitive thinking. We will be working with the energy of Gaia, the cosmos, the healing gifts of Jeremiah & Amber, as well as your own healing wisdom within. We will tap into the energy centers within as well as the guiding energy forces without to align & create the life you want.


The Mystic Owl has innate wisdom that brings sight in the dark, vision from all angles, & perception from a higher view point, you will be supported by the wise old owl.  

You won't be left on your own to guess what to do to feel better during times when you feel "off."

A wealth of information & support will be available to guide you on your journey.

Aligning your energy, connecting to deeper levels of the heart, & embracing your journey helps you ease the pain of changes, shifts, or mishaps in your life.

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Monthly Group Healings

Energetic Mysteries Library


Exercises to manage energy

Exclusive Discounts & Giveaways


Intuitive Messages & Reading


Special Guests Speakers


Q & A


Create energy tools

Support & Community


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When you join you will be given access to the Energetic Mysteries Library. This library is full of support & guidance that will help you manage & align your energy.

The Membership is currently $22 per month, this price is subject to change.

Joining now will lock you in at this special price forever or until you cancel. 

All you have to do to join is click the button below & make your first payment. You will then be a member of the Mystic Owl Tribe & have access to all content & events exclusive to tribe members!


We are excited to have you join the Tribe. Open the door to the mysteries within.