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Hey There

Welcome to the world of Mystic Meadows where Jeremiah and Amber abide. Let's get to know them better by starting at the beginning of their journey. 


It all began in high school where Jeremiah and Amber met and became sweethearts, now they have been married for over 20 years. They live in southern Idaho on a homestead where they raised and homeschooled 2 children.


In 2021, they welcomed their first grandchild into the world and began the journey and transition into becoming GRAND parents. 

They love supporting women through transitions, generational healing, & becoming confident in who they are. 

To get the full picture of how they ended up where they are today, let's go a little deeper into their background....


Jeremiah and Amber both grew up in Idaho and were very outgoing and social. Jeremiah was involved in sports and received a degree in Electronics Technology. Amber was involved in business groups and received a degree in Marketing Management. 

Jeremiah went on to become a broadband tech with the phone company where he still works today. Amber went into the childcare profession and had several side businesses. 

They had their first child shortly after graduating high school and then married a few years later. They built their first and second houses on their own and completely remodeled their third house. People were very skeptical when two 20-year-olds told them they were going to build a house while working, attending college, planning a wedding, and raising a baby. Their first house was built within four months, and they moved in thinking their world would be happily ever after. 


Of course, life brought many ups and downs and, in turn, many breakthroughs and transformations. 


Healthy relationships were somewhat out of their element as they both came from broken homes. The divorce of their parents had a massive effect on each of them. Due to this, they promised each other they would always work on their relationship to keep their family together. 


They also dealt with abuse in childhood - Amber was exposed to sexual abuse by a family member, and Jeremiah experienced physical and emotional abuse from an alcoholic in the family. Breaking the cycles within the family and providing a different life for their children became their mission. 

This is a big reason why they are passionate about healing and transformation. 

They turned to religion to help them build a strong family foundation. They were very dedicated to strict religious traditions and built their lifestyle around these beliefs. 

To build a strong family unit, they raised their children in a home where connecting to the land was encouraged and emotional intelligence was key. They were very health-conscious. Amber cooked clean, healthy meals from scratch, worked with essential oils, made her own cheese, canned food, and gardened. As their kids grew, Amber became more involved in homeschool groups. She soon started teaching at coops and became a board member. Her leadership and services didn't end there; she also helped other homeschool coops get started.

She started studying the healing arts and energy practices. At first, Jeremiah was skeptical. He wanted no part of it, but he also didn't want to tell Amber what she could or couldn't do. The kids and Amber embraced this new way of living, you could call it enlightenment, a spiritual awakening, or woo-woo, but they saw it as a new way of life.

No matter what you call it, the energy brought freedom to Amber and the kids. After a while, Jeremiah agreed to attend an Energy Healing Conference with the family. That is where he heard the science behind the energy and experienced healing in person. Jeremiah has always been a sound guy - music was his thing; he could recognize a note played off-key and call it from across the room. 

When he saw sound healing with tuning forks, he instantly became activated. Shortly after, he began training to become a certified sound healing practitioner. He studied under Eileen Day McKusick in California. Now, who is woo-woo, lol! He has embraced energy healing and using his intuition on a whole new level. He has always been fascinated by quantum physics and finally found a way to work with this realm on a personal level. 

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Amber's fundamental shift happened when she found the band Nahko and Medicine for the People. Nahko spoke to her heart and opened her up to healing through music. He has been a huge part of her spiritual awakening, and she will always be extremely grateful for his music medicine. 

Amber found her healing modality by attending the One Soul Conference in Boise, Idaho. She has always been interested in astrology, alchemy, mystery school science, etc. So when she found the Transference Healing modality, she felt right at home. This modality works with shamanic techniques, alchemy, the Lightbody, astrology, karmic wounds, nature spirits, Gaia consciousness, and higher dimensions. Amber knew she had to pursue this modality and signed up for training to become a Certified Healing Practitioner. 

After Jeremiah and Amber were trained, they opened their home as a business called Mystic Meadows Healing. At first, they invited teens and young adults to come to the meadows for fun, community, healing, and expression. They talked about the cosmic shifts, danced, ate, sang by the fire, sang karaoke, and had sing-offs and dance-offs. It was so much fun. 

They began to conduct healings in their home and on zoom. They were meeting new people and living the lifestyle they loved, which brought more enjoyment into their lives. Most of their clients were women keen on self-care and healing childhood trauma. Many of them were looking to connect with their true self again and let go of guilt, regret, or feeling like a failure. 

Several of these women began telling Jeremiah that they were healing some big masculine wounds just by being in his presence. He has a caring and gentle energy that seems to help women feel safe around him. 

While building their business, they graduated both their children and prepared for the empty nester phase of life. Amber was transitioning from a homeschool mom to an empty nester housewife. She became excited and depressed at the same time. She was very open to new opportunities and building her healing business. In 2021, many new frequencies entered her vortex, and she went from educating children to a best-selling author in the book Sacred Medicine, Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living. She didn't stop there as she signed up to be an author in the book Jaguar Medicine, Fierce Feminine Frequency Keepers Birthing the New Earth. 

She soon felt called to work with her Mother & Daughter to bring forth a book that is a guide for generational transformation. All three generations are passionate about creating healthier relationships and healing generational wounds. 

We shall see where these new opportunities take Jeremiah and Amber as they work with each transition. 

If you'd like to work with Jeremiah & Amber, you can look at their offers by clicking the button.

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