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Chiron Wound in Virgo

Image by NEOM

Imagine your Chiron as a unique treasure map pointing towards potential growth and hidden strengths. Referred to as the "wounded healer," it directs us toward healing our core wounds.




It represents an area where you might feel vulnerable or insecure, but, this "wound" isn't negative! It's a gateway to personal development and leads to your unique superpower or gifting.



Chiron in your chart is in the sign of Virgo:

You possess a heightened awareness of your body and appearance and a genuine interest in physical health and overall well-being.


Due to your body's sensitivity, distinguishing between physical and emotional pain can be challenging. Being vulnerable, relaxing, and having fun might prove difficult, making it easy for you to become a workaholic.

Your heightened awareness of your body and sensitivity to physical sensations can affect different parts of your life.


Overall, your awareness of your body can shape your choices regarding health, appearance, relaxation, and relationships.



Your Gift: 

Your gift or superpower lies within your unique power to become a highly skilled healer, proficient in various spiritual healing modalities as well as conventional or alternative medicine.

Your Wound: 

Your vulnerability lies in fear of health issuescausing you to worry about minor symptoms and ailments. The fear of aging may drive you towards unhealthy pursuits, such as fad diets or fasting.

Deep down, you yearn to fully embrace the physical realm as an integral part of your consciousness and identity.



Healing the Wound:

The first step in your healing process involves recognizing and allowing yourself to lighten up and savor the joy of being in the present moment. 

However, leaving this wound unhealed results in more struggles with your fear of health issues, which can lead to undue stress, a desire for control, analytical thinking, and a tendency to be critical, both of yourself and others. 


Working with holistic healing helps release the restrictions within your mind and body so you can experience more balance in your life.   



Chiron in Virgo people usually end up:


Worrying excessively over health concerns.


Overly concerned with appearance, leading to dissatisfaction with yourself.

Trying to do it all, leading to a tendency toward perfectionism.



I have one question, did this information resonate? 
This is just a peek into your Chiron Wound.
We can go even deeper by exploring the the 4 stages of Chiron.










The 4 stages of Chiron, which stage are you in?

  • Stage 1: You might feel a strong desire to understand yourself better. This involves questioning your beliefs, values, and personal goals, all geared towards building a stronger connection with the core of who you are.


  • Stage 2: As you move into Stage 2, the focus shifts to discovering your life path. You may become curious about your purpose and the direction your life should take. This stage involves exploring various aspects of your life, such as career and relationships, to align with a path that resonates with your true self.


  • Stage 3: This phase is marked by occasional, yet potentially challenging, periods of self-discovery. It involves confronting suppressed emotions and allowing core wounds to surface. During this transformative time the healing process begins as you courageously face aspects of your past that may have been buried. While emotionally intense, Stage 3 offers a chance for significant growth, resilience, and self-understanding.


  • Stage 4: Typically happening around age 50, Stage 4 marks a 'change of life.' During this period, you may engage in deep reflection on the meaning and purpose of your life. Questions about accomplishments, goals, and the direction of your journey may come to the forefront. It's a time of introspection and self-evaluation. This stage encourages you to reconsider priorities, embrace newfound wisdom, and provides an opportunity for profound self-discovery and transformation.



During these stages, you may experience feelings of limitation, grief, and low self-worth. Despite the challenges, these periods provide crucial opportunities for healing.


The Chiron Wound Session is designed to help you discover the depths of wellbeing by offering solutions to navigate the challenges encountered in each stage.


This session is perfect for you if you're:


  • Seeking to understand yourself better and overcome limiting beliefs.

  • Release fears that are holding you back to unlock your natural gifts and talents. 

  • Heal painful memories and the weight on your shoulders to experience a shift in conscious leading to inner peace and harmony. 

  • Interested in exploring a new direction in life, connecting with your life goals and deep sense of purpose.



Transform your Chiron Wound by booking a healing session with Amber.


Let me introduce myself!

My name is Amber and I am the
founder of Mystic Meadows Healing 👋









Over the years I've helped people with Chiron in Virgo heal their fear of health issues, encouraging them to pursue their passions and live authentically.

My approach provides a secure and nurturing space where you can release the old outdated energy, and feel renewed with fresh energy that allows you to be authentically you.


Here's what you can expect:


  • In-depth exploration of your Chiron Wound: Information on your core wound and the key to your gift which is your greatest strength. By understanding it, you can unlock healing and unleash your potential.

  • Personalized tools and strategies: You'll leave with practical action steps to continue your growth journey beyond the session, empowering you to make lasting changes in your life.

  • Connection to universal healing energy: Through guided exercises and techniques, you'll tap into a powerful source of support and healing that guides you on your path.



















Get your Chiron healing or keep reading for

a more in-depth healing option








Want to Go Even Deeper?


While the Chiron Wound Healing is incredible, Amber's Motherload Session goes above and beyond, offering everything from the Chiron Healing and more.


This comprehensive session liberates you from: 

  • nights of interrupted sleep

  • overwhelming fatigue  

  • brain fog and mental stress by quieting the inner chatter 

  • persistent headaches

  • hormonal imbalances 

The Chiron Wound healing is a guide with a specialized healing for each zodiac sign. However, the Motherload session is a personalized healing that will give you deep insight into what's going on with your entire mind, body, and spirit. The testimonials below describe what people experience during this session.  

Here's what's included: 

  1. The Chiron Wound Healing (including the Guide & practical action steps)

  2. The Motherload session 

  3. Plus 30-day access to our Membership which holds a wealth of information on how to continue your personal and spiritual growth. 

If you're seeking an all-encompassing healing session, the Motherload is the perfect choice for you.


Have more fun in life by releasing old patterns that restrict you from doing what you truly love.

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“During these sessions, I have to tell you, I was blown away. I began to be able to let go of things I had really struggled to before.  I have made leaps and bounds in my mental health and my overall well being. I recommend it to anyone that may be feeling stuck or going through any hardships of their own."

Jena Garza - Boise, Idaho

About Amber

Life as a "timid housewife" felt muted, like living in a black and white world. I feared my "weird spiritual" abilities and kept my true self hidden, convinced it wasn't safe to shine. Then, Transference Healing burst into my life like a technicolor explosion. With each session, I shed layers of fear and embraced my unique gifts.

Now, I'm confident in my power and purpose. My relationships are deeper, my mind clearer, and my soul authentically radiates from within. This transformative journey is not just mine; it's the potential I see in every one of you.


Beyond the realm of energy healing, nature's embrace and precious moments with loved ones nourish my soul. A natural researcher, author and dreamer, you'll often find me diving into enlightening discoveries, plotting exhilarating journeys, or weaving grand dreams for our Southern Idaho haven. 

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