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At Empower Media, we believe that freedom has a voice.


We encourage women to break free & share their voices.


Your story matters, your voice needs to be heard, your legacy is in your victory. 

Each woman who speaks her truth empowers other woman to speak thier truth.


Together we rise, together we stop the abuse, the abandonment, and we help the world raise the frequency. 


The wild lioness encourages us to have our own backs, to be the nurturer and the warrior, the supporter and the queen. This energy lies in every women, it just needs to be unleashed. Awaken your power, reclaim your identity, and align with your soul desires. 


If you are ready to tell your story and empower other women then we are ready to embrace you, guide you, and circle around you to support you. 


Your voice matters and we will help you find freedom in speaking your truth. 

Are you ready to share your story?

If you are ready to share your story then let's chat on the best way you can do that with Empower Media. 

Here are a few ways to work with us. 

The purpose of the Empower Hour Podcast is to inspire women to embrace their inner voice & speak their truth.


Share your empowering story on the podcast anonymously in written form or as a guest on the podcast. 

Listen or watch the podcast from one of the platforms below...