Introspection with New Moon & Full Moon

The moon affects the earth and all it's inhabitants. It is scientifically proven that the full moon affects the tide levels of the ocean, a high rate of births also happen during the full moon.


There is no doubt that the moon affects water on earth, whether it be a natural body of water or amniotic fluid within the body. The water element is associated with emotions therefore the moon is also symbolic of our emotions.


By working with the moon phases you can go within and deal with your emotions on a regular basis. Every two weeks you can check in with yourself and ask what you want to release or let go of and what you want to receive or bring into your life. 

New Moon

The moon is waxing or growing in light from new moon to full moon. We work with the energy of growth during this time.

What do we want to bring more of into our life?

What do we want to receive?


This is a good time to set intentions & write them down or do a ritual that will help you set your intention. 

Full Moon

The moon has reached it's peak light and begins to wan or decrease in light from full moon back to new moon. We work with the energy of surrender during this time.

What do we want to let go of? 

What do we want to release that is no longer working for us in life? 

This is a good time to write down or "burn up" that which is no longer serving us. You can do this with a ritual also. 

  Moon Phase Calendar  

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