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Reboot your life, Embody your truth, & Activate your power.

Mystic Academy

Mystic Academy invites you to go on an Adventure within your soul.
We will be working with your own  Sacred Wisdom to unlock your highest potential.
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Receive the Frequency Your Soul Craves

Rise to the New Vibration of Your Divinity Within

Romantic Walk in Sunset

We believe we are the heroes of our own journey.


To become that hero we first must become aware of the call within - the call to bring change & transformation into our life.

It sounds like you have answered that call & now you are looking for the proper quest to take you on the journey of this transformation.


Like all quests, this one will bring many initiations that creates breakthroughs.

This quest takes inner work & surrendering to the process of the journey.


In the end the process brings us to a heightened consciousness that opens up deeper wisdom within.


We would love to support you on your journey.

Spilling Sand

What's in the Academy?

Each week we will dive into the mystical realm of the energetic body to connect with your soul desires & true self.

  • 8 modules & introspective experiences

  • 2 group healing sessions 

  • Private 1:1 session with Jeremiah & Amber 

  • Celebrating you & the victory of your quest

  • Begins on 10/10 and finishes before Christmas 

Sound Therapy 

Shamanic healing

Learn Energetic Mysteries


Energetic boundaries

Soul writing

Oracle readings

Chakra balancing



Receive $100 off your tuition if a

friend joins the experience

with you.   

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