We believe Inner Balance is the

key to a better life.


Sometimes we just need a moment to find that balance that is within each of us. ​

Wear the Balance Bracelet to remind you to take a balance moment, so you can connect to that inner balance.


Hold the bracelet, take some deep breathes & say, "I am balanced."

The crystals & frequencies in these bracelets have many healing properties.

These gemstone bracelets a​re tuned with the frequency of love (528 hertz).

Jeremiah tunes each bracelet with his tuning forks & specific intentions.

Certain sound vibrations carry healing properties. 


The frequency of 528 hertz is known to be very cleansing by repairing DNA, restoring equilibrium, & stimulating love.

Tuning stones brings hightened healing properties. 

A Good Vibes session is a great addition to these bracelets as the healing energy from the session can also be integrated into the bracelets. 

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