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Feel the energy of love & balance as you wear the balance bracelet. 

What makes these bracelets different?

They have been cleansed & tuned to the frequency of love. All crystal bracelets have healing properties, ours have even more healing properties that gives you strength to move forward with inner balance.

These gemstone bracelets a​re tuned with the frequency of love (528 hertz).

Jeremiah tunes each bracelet with his tuning forks & specific intentions.

When you purchase our bracelets you receive:

  • a bracelet

  • a tuning session with Jeremiah that aligns your body's frequency to the healing frequency of your bracelet.

  • items to clear your physical space - Palo Santo, a Candle & Epsom salts. 

The frequency of love, 528 hertz, is known to be very cleansing by repairing DNA, restoring equilibrium, & stimulating love.


Love is what connects us as humans & self love is vital when it comes to healing. 

Wear the Balance Bracelet to remind yourself to pause, take a moment, & connect to your inner balance, your highest self.

Hold the bracelet, take some deep breaths & say, "I am balanced."

Men's Bracelet

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Product Details

A great gift for the men in your life.

The stones in this bracelet are known to help master your destiny, calm the mind, & bring positive change. Tigers Eye is a powerful stone to help in releasing anxiety and fear while bringing balance and harmony into your life.

Onyx- Is good for Making wise decisions, self-confidence, centering and balancing yin and yang. It will take you forward to view the future, it facilitates being a master of your destiny.

Hematite- Helps anchor your body to the earth. Calms a troubled mind, and eases your spirit to release feelings of stress. It is said to protect a soldier going into battle

Essential oils can be placed on the lava stone in this bracelet to elevate the healing properties with aromatherapy.

Gemstone: Tigers Eye, Onyx, Hematite, & Lava
Colors: Brown, Black, Gray
Wrist Size Pictured: 7 inch
Bead Size: 10mm

Includes: 1 tea light, 1 palo santo stick, 1 bath salt soak, 20 minute tune session, & 1 bracelet
Bonus: Free Meditation

Create an amazing space energetically with all these items. You can take a moment for yourself to find balance & then soak your feet in salt water or soak in a bath to cleanse your energy.

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