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Sacred Medicine
Chapter 17

The Divinity Within

Awakening the Hidden Inner Truths
     by Amber Dobkins

“This isn’t about finding the right answer, it’s about the journey to inner guidance that brings sacred truths."


©Sacred Medicine by Amber Dobkins

25 authors came together to create Sacred Medicine, a book full of stories and practices of mystical experiences that invites in ecstatic living. 

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Jaguar Medicine

Fierce Feminine Frequency Keepers Birthing the New Earth

Jaguar Medicine tells the activating stories of fierce women frequency keepers birthing the New Earth. These are the women our ancestors foretold of - the wild women, mystics, sacred rebels, shamaness, divine disruptors, Feminine Christ, visionaries, and medicine women.





Resting Tiger

They’ve come to bridge heaven and earth, the old and the new, with ferocity, deep soul knowing and heart-centered conviction to stand, unwavering in their sacred feminine power and highest sovereign truth for themselves, their lineage and ancestors, Mama Gaia and all of humanity.

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While writing in Jaguar Medicine Amber was inspired to create the Radiant Integrity Program

6 weeks of integrating your own medicine and accepting your whole self. 


Awaken Your Power & Courage

Embrace All Pieces of Yourself to Become Whole

Trust Your Intuition & Be Supported Through the Process

Celebrate Your Wins & Continue Radiating Your Integrity


$444 - meet once a week for 6 weeks.

Available Feb. 2022

Week 1: Embracing your whole self 

Week 2: Connecting to Your Soul Desires 

Week 3: Healing Patterns 

Week 4: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Week 5: Integrating Your Medicine

Week 6: Celebrate Your Radiance


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One of my favorite cosmic energies to work with is a planetoid called Chiron. The energy of Chiron holds key information about our core wound and our superpower. Chiron is known as the wounded healer. His story teaches us that where we are deeply wounded is also where we can shine the brightest.

Planet and Moon

Our community is passionate about activating the natural healing abilities of the bodyaligning with your soul desires & finding more joy in everyday life!

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Soul Aligned Sacred Sisterhood (SASS)

This is a circle event for women. To learn more about what this circle looks like, if it's right for you, and what sacred sisterhood is, then I invite you to click the link below for more information.  

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