Sacred Medicine

Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living


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Chapter 17

The Divinity Within

Awakening the Hidden Inner Truths
     by Amber Dobkins

“This isn’t about finding the right answer, it’s about the journey to inner guidance that brings sacred truths."


©Sacred Medicine by Amber Dobkins

25 authors came together to create Sacred Medicine, a book full of stories and practices of mystical experiences that invites in ecstatic living. 

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Sacred Medicine From Chapter 17


Meditative Writing

Meditative writing allows you to write from a flow state. This state brings forth insight and is a valuable tool to release deep-seeded emotions.

We practice Meditative Writing in many of our programs. 

Free Energetic Mysteries Workshop 


Awaken the natural healing ability of the body!

5 days of tapping in, tuning in, and healing.

Learn about:

•the causes imbalances in the energy


•how to balance the energy

•energetic boundaries

•healing energy & aligning with your soul


Join the Follow the Flow Fb group to participate in the workshop.

Every Day Sacred Medicine

We keep our every day sacredness simple. For us, it is simple acts that relieve stress and bring more joy. 


Experience some of our everyday practices of Sacred Medicine by subscribing to our Youtube channel! 

Our community is passionate about activating the natural healing abilities of the bodyaligning with your soul desires & finding more joy in everyday life!

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Occasional Sacred Medicine

This practice usually takes a bit more planning since it has to do with sacredness on a larger scale. Healing sessions were part of my sacred healing & medicine. 

We practice this sacredness by doing things in our own way, a way that makes it more meaningful to us. We gave up the, "it has to be done this way" and started creating our own sacred medicine. 

If you would like to work with Amber 1:1, she has several offers that are affordable. 



Mystic Academy

Reboot your life, Embody your truth, & Activate your power.

We created this experience to activate your personal power, find your gifts, & be your true self by working with the energy & insight within your body. 


In many cultures people are taught to suppress their emotions, hide their truth, & ignore their soul desires. They are taught to follow social norms & be like everyone else. It’s time to express our voice, heart, mind, & soul. 


By embodying your soul expression you will know yourself better, be happier, be at peace, & be more productive in your business or career. 

In this experience we will explore: 

    ◦    Energetic Alignment, balancing your energy & setting boundaries 

    ◦    Trusting your intuition through self discovery & awareness

    ◦    Building your confidence & have less self doubt 

    ◦    Finding inner peace by releasing stress, worry, overwhelm, & anxiety


We will meet on Zoom & in a Facebook group

Group starts early October dates and times TBA. 

The stars and planets were aligned in a certain formation on your birthday. Gain insight into your core wounding & special gifting from your birth date by filling out the form below.  

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