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Hello & Welcome to the Sacred Legacy Book Page!

You'll find the Bonding Tips Booklet, fun behind the scenes info, and updates on offers we currently have available. 

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Forest Path

Meet The Authors

Amber Author photo-92.png

Amber Dobkins

Daughter to Angela and mother of Jewelia

Jewelia Author photo-47.png

Jewelia Dobkins

Daughter to Amber and granddaughter to Angela

Zanny Author photo-55.png

Angela Billings

The Matriarch

Emial List

Sacred Legacy Resources

Grab our free Bonding Tips Booklet. It's has a host of information on bonding with infants, young children, teenagers, adult children, your parents, and even yourself. Just fill out the form below to access the booklet.  

Family Playing Table Tennis

Behind the Scenes of the Book 

Spoiler Alert: You may not want to enter this section until you've read the book. 


If you've read chapter 1 of Sacred legacy then the story in the video below will be familiar to you.

Jewels and her brother created this video as a gift for Zanny in 2016. Jewels, aka Jelly, had a vlog as for several years when she was a teenager.  

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 12.34.37 PM.png

Photo: Paul, Jewels, Maggie Bell (Zanny), Ulew

Here are a few more fun memories that are attached to the book. 

Guatemala​: Ulew bar, Yummy Food, Painting of Aging Woman, Hobbitenango, Hiking

The bar in Guatemala​ called Ulew

Ulew & Jewels on the swing in Guatemala

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