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Dear sister,

What I desire most is for you to feel supported and empowered in who you are at soul level.


My hope is that during our time in circle you align with your hearts desires and find sacred connections. 

-Blessings, Amber

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Join the Sisterhood

What does Circle look like?

We will open sacred space, briefly connect with each other, and then do our own inner work. We will release old patterns, set new intentions, and meditatively flow write, then close the circle. 

How do I know this is for me?

You feel called to this. If you are unsure, I ask that you put your hand on your heart and feel into what comes up for you when you think of saying yes to this. 

Sacred Means

That we honor and respect this time, space, and connections.

This simply means that we come together with open hearts and sacred intentions.  

Three Women

Oct. 10th, 2022

Time: 12:00 pm MST,  2:00 pm EST

Place: Zoom

Tues. 10/10/22.


This is a monthly occurrence. I

usually hold these on double-digit dates.

The first one was on 2/2. 

You're welcome to contact me if you have questions. - Amber

Vows & Agreeements

◆  Be open to new experiences that may come to you in circle

◆  Release judgment or attachments - accept what is

◆  No apologies necessary in the circle

◆  Invite reflection and even silence at times  

◆  Listen with compassion and respect

◆  Take time to hear your inner voice before speaking

◆  Speak from the heart

◆  Speak about your own experiences

◆  Offer your experience and not advice

◆  Close a share with “I am complete.”

◆  Allow your emotions to flow 

◆  What is shared in circle stays in circle

Tools to Bring

Please bring:

  • A sacred item that will add to the energy of our space. This item can be anything that has special meaning to you. There is no right or wrong in this it is simply something from your heart. . 

  • A candle 

  • A journal or notebook 

  • Water

Join the Sisterhood

$12 use code "circle" to get your ticket free. 

Held on zoom.

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