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Coaching, Healing, Publishing 


Mystic Meadows provides a supportive team for writers, so they can start their book and stay motivated to finish it.

Our team will guide you so you don't have to walk through the writer's journey alone. 

When you're ready to publish we've got your back on that as well.


Our Mission

We aim to prevent authors from feeling lonely, overwhelmed, or stressed.

Our friendly and healing environment is perfect for aspiring authors who want to feel supported, have a guide with them every step of the way, and enjoy the writing process.

Rushing through a writing course to “just get your book out there” isn’t our style.
We want you to be proud of your accomplishments.

Success to us is having an author leave our programs with a smile on their face because they had a wonderful experience. 

Write with Confidence
Hi there,
My name is Amber.
I'm an author, writing coach, healing practitioner,
and CEO of Mystic Meadows. 
As a certified healing practitioner with Transference Healing™, I've helped people breakthrough their limiting beliefs and old wounds. But my favorite healing method is meditative writing.  
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There are many writing programs out there but few hold space for authors when they come up against challenges.

Writing a non-fiction book takes writers deeper into their healing. That's why we have practitioners that offer healing and mindful movement to release stagnant energy and encourage creative flow.   
Our Framework 
Image by Arnelle Balane

Phase 1: 



Phase 2: 





Phase 3: 







Phase 4: 



Phase 5: 


Phase 6: 

Setting you up to start & finish your book

    We call this the preparation phase. Setting you up

    for success and preparing you for the journey will     be your foundation.

Writing Coaching & Support

    This phase includes supportive live calls with the

    coaches and other authors in the program. There     will also be healing session to release stagnant    

    energy, yoga for creative flow, and videos you can     go back to when you need help NOW. 

Editing by our Editor

    This is one of the most important phases. Editing

    is the icing on the cake - cake isn't very good with

    out the icing. We will provide editors to help

    make sure your story pops and comes across in

    the best way possible.     


You can stop here or continue working with us to publish your book.

Book Design & Formatting

    We will help you design a professional looking

    cover and interior. 


Publishing & Printing

    There are many options under this category, we

    will help you choose the best option for you and

    your book.


Marketing Your Book

    This phase is one of the most difficult for    

    authors. Writing and publishing a book is a huge

    accomplishment. We want you to get those sales  

    and see the wonderful reviews about how your    

    book is changing lives. But first we have to get  

    your book in front of the right audience. 

Why Choose Mystic Meadows?

Our team consists of writing coaches, healing practitioners, editors,

social media specialists, publishing team, and marketing help.


The programs we offer provide training, support, and guidance to help you through every step of writing your book. When you are ready to take the step into sharing your work publicly, we are here for you.


Whether you choose to self-publish, or publish through Mystic Meadows, we have a plan to fit your needs. You will have creative say and your work will always belong to you.


To learn more details about the starting date of our programs or to get on the waitlist please email us. 

Meet The Team

Zanny Author photo-55.png


Publishing Specialist & Accountant.

Amber Author photo-92.png


Writing Coach & Healing Practitioner.

Jewelia Author photo-47.png


Video & Audio Specialist & Yogi. 

The first time Amber wrote from her heart and allowed her soul to fully express itself was at a conference in Denver, Colorado.

Amber had always journaled, but her writing came more from her head rather than her heart. Her daily routine consisted of gaining Divine guidance from meditation and writing about her experiences.  


After attending the conference in Denver, Amber experienced what she now calls meditative writing. She no longer had to meditate and then document her findings. With the new method, she could meditate while she wrote. 


Creative writing started to flow through her. After writing in her first two books, Amber found hacks that helped her feel more confident in her writing. These hacks also helped her heal during the process. 


One night while sleeping, Amber had a dream. The sound of thunder powerfully cracked across the heavens for miles in this dream. The thunder spoke as if it were a guide, it said, "I represent the voices of women who have a story to share but need a platform to speak their truth." Amber was encouraged by the thunder to empower these women to speak their truth. This call tugged at her heart, but she didn't know how to put it into action. 


A while later, Amber noticed she wasn't the only one who went through more healing during the writing process. Other authors started to share with her how unsupported they felt and the difficulties they were experiencing with their writing / publishing programs. Some of these authors had to take weeks off from writing to process the emotional pain that came up for them. Their publishers didn't understand that they needed some time to heal and continued to pressure them to meet the short deadlines. 


Easing the pain and frustration every writer goes through is now one of Amber's passions. Much of her learning curve came from feeling alone and dissatisfied with her publisher's services. 


Amber decided to open another branch of her already existing healing business. This extension became Mystic Meadows, Write Your Story. 


Image by Dorothea OLDANI

More information coming soon.

Email us for more details or to get on the waitlist to write and / or

publish with us.

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