Finding Peace in the Unknowns of Life


If you are a spiritual seeker, sensitive soul, or heart-centered individual who is looking to take your power back, reconnect with who you truly are & finally kick anxiety & it’s overactive thoughts to the curb, then you're in the right place.  


You might feel stuck in old patterns, where the same situations keep showing up. This feeling is normal, a recent study shows that 69% of people feel trapped in their life. 

Take a moment to close your eyes & connect to your inner self, your inner power. 

Yes, we really want you to do this, 

close your eyes & connect to your highest potential! 

Imagine what your life looks like from this place!

You are here because you feel the calling. 

We want to help you reach that calling.

We are Jeremiah & Amber, a husband & wife team who offer a variety of energy healing services that help you gain FREEDOM!

Now's the time to get unstuck & be free!

We offer distant sessions as well as in-person sessions.

Mystic: a person who seeks to obtain unity with the Divine & believes in the spiritual truths that are beyond the intellect.


  • Stop giving your power away so you can reconnect with who you are. 

  • Calm the overactive thoughts, & break any patterns that keep showing up in your life.

  • Clear stuck energy to improve your overall wellness, feel heard, & supported.  

  • Release anxiety so you can stop hiding, increase energy, & function normally in life.

 Couples Session 

energy Insight CALL

20 minute session

 free zoom call with Jeremiah & Amber to see where you have stuck energy. 

GooD Vibes Session

Two Healers working in unity to help you clear deep seeded blocks so you can move forward with more freedom. 


Two healers working in unity to help you relieve tension & stress in the face. This session helps with anxiety, hormones, & hypersensitivity. 

 Working with Jeremiah 

 Working with Amber 

Enjoying Outdoor

You want to feel better

The world is changing, we can't deny that because we can see it. However, what we can't see is the energy of the planet is also changing. 

You might be feeling the changes in these forms:

  • spiritual awakening (dreams, signs, patterns)

  • headaches/migraines

  • achy bones & joints

  • intense tiredness

  • ringing in ears

  • mood swings

  • dizziness

You can relieve these symptoms through energy healing. Clear blocks & limitations to go through these changes with less struggles & feel better. 

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Amber Dawn
Certified Healing Practitioner

Amber is a creative soul that loves music, transformation, & connecting with others on a deeper level.

Her life intentions are to have fun, keep life interesting through experiences, & simplify.

She enjoys spending time in nature near a beautiful lake or up in the wooded area. 


As an energetic healing practitioner she works with alchemy, astrology, & light frequency to help clients release old patterning so they can transform their reality. 



A healing of hope, light, & love, enhancing your awakening so you can release old patterns to RISE. 

If you are experiencing overwhelming fear, spiritual/enlightenment moments, relationship/family struggles, or emotional trauma, then Amber is your gal. 

As we make consistent shifts into higher levels of consciousness, we become aware of deep emotional & karmic wounds that cause restrictive patterning & limits our growth.


We are anchoring in higher frequencies that our physical body has not adjusted to. This causes physical symptoms such as: intense tiredness, headaches/migraines, dizziness, ringing in ears, achy bones & joints, mood swings, or spiritual awakening (dreams, signs, patterns (seeing repetitive numbers, messages, etc). You may have seen a doctor for these symptoms just to be sent home & told they don't have an explanation as to why you are experiencing these symptoms.

Amber can help you find the energetic seeds that may be causing health issues so you can release the fear, heal emotional pain, & transform your life. 

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Certified Healing Practitioner

Jeremiah is an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys wake-boarding, dirt bike riding, camping, & going to hot springs.

He has a passion for creative arts such as music, photography, & hands on projects. 

Jeremiah is very social & loves helping others. He has a natural ability to hear & feel sound vibrations, this may have contributed to his love of music.


Biofield Tuning brought his passion to help others, his interest in natural & alternative medicine & his gift of clairaudience all together in one healing modality. 

Oddly enough, you may find Jeremiah sitting in a kiddie pool of ice water ohming & doing breathing meditation. This is also a passion of his, he follows Wim Hoff at any chance he can get. 

You can contact him at (208) 861-4820




Sound healing for the body & mind

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to introduce sound into the body to help muscles relax and the mind to focus. Your body is an electrical system and has a field around it in which we call the biofield. It is a lot like the gravitational field of the earth. Imagine a radio wave traveling around the world, then all the sudden a tall tree pops up and interferes with the signal. What was once peaceful and coherent now has noise introduced which is no longer allowing the signal to travel the way it was intended.


Your body is the same way, it has frequencies or signals which circle around it. Sometimes something like emotions or past experiences will cause the signal to be interrupted causing noise in the frequency. The noise can cause physical or emotional pain. The tuning forks have the ability to introduce a noise-canceling frequency which will help the body to auto-correct and come into balance.

Click below to book with Jeremiah or listen to his interview on Elevated radio.


Jordan, Canada

Working with Amber has made a significant impact on my vitality, clarity and life focus. Her insight and experience led me through a process where I was able to release old negative and stuck emotions in my body and mind with ease. I noticed a genuine shift within a few hours after our session, and have continued to have elevated and positive feelings overall. Since working with Amber, my Heart feels more open, I feel grounded, and positive shifts are happening for me. So very grateful for Amber and her incredible gifts for the world. 

Tenille, Idaho

My experience with Mystic Meadows has been nothing less than healing, enlightening and increased my forward progress, with a beautiful flow of inner growth. Jeremiah and Amber are a perfect team, and bring a whole healing experience that is difficult to find. 

Tony, Idaho

I had the privilege to receive several treatments from Jeremiah at Mystic-Vibrations involving Biofield Tuning. They all went very well and Jeremiah was very professional in his approach. I left feeling much better after each session, in fact a couple of them I had headaches prior to starting the session and after it was completed the headache was completely gone. I would highly recommend Jeremiah and Mystic-Vibrations to anyone that is looking for healing properties that do not involve traditional western medicine.

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