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Vibrational Therapy & Energetic Solutions

Chakra, Generational Healing, Biofield Tuning, Stress Relief,  Emotions, Spiritual, Energy

Master your energy, awaken your authentic self, and rewrite your story.

Our holistic approach is designed to help you overcome barriers

and fully embrace your true self. 

Do you find it hard to focus due to chronic stress? 

Looking for a life of deeper meaning? 

Want to create better relationships? 


The key to unlocking your most profound potential lies just beneath the surface, within the very energetic foundation of your being.


Mastering your energy isn't about mystical mumbo jumbo or exclusive secrets. It's about accessing the same potent force that has propelled athletes to Olympic podiums, empowered ancient healers to unlock profound insight, and fueled extraordinary transformations in countless individuals.


It's about rediscovering the vibrant potential within, and embarking on a journey of:


  • Transcending chronic stress 

  • Radiating holistic vitality.

  • Developing emotional intelligence 

  • Making aligned choices


Ready to shed limitations and co-create your most vibrant future? 

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Mystic: a person who seeks to obtain unity with the Divine & believes in the spiritual truths that are beyond the intellect.

Experience healing, balance, and rejuvenation for your energy, bringing a profound sense of harmony within yourself.


Acquire the skills to navigate your emotions, shed past traumas, make mindful decisions, establish healthy boundaries, and embark on a path that aligns with your authentic self. 

Ready to ditch the overwhelm and ignite your radiant potential? Master your energy and unlock:

  • Inner peace: Break free from stress and cultivate a haven of calm within.

  • Radiant health: Boost energy, vitality, and sleep for a stronger, healthier you.

  • Emotional intelligence: Navigate your emotions with grace and build resilient wisdom.

  • Fulfilling purpose: Make choices aligned with your true self and create a life overflowing with joy.

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Energy mastery can positively impact your sleep, digestion, and overall vitality, leading to a stronger, more resilient body.

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Meet Jeremiah and Amber

Together, they offer a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, empowering you to reclaim your inner artist and paint your life with vibrant health, emotional freedom, and radiant purpose.

Jeremiah, with his gentle wisdom and attuned intuition, guides you to harmonize your energy fields, releasing blockages and igniting your inner harmony.

Amber, a beacon of compassion and transformative touch, assists you in shedding limitations and embracing your authentic radiance.

Client Love

Healing Stones

 The intuition Amber and Jeremiah both demonstrated was truly eye opening. They tapped into the parts of me that I had closed off even to myself. As they talked to me about each thing, it was as if someone was reading the pages of my life, and they were giving me the tools to regain control of how I handle it.

I have continued to work with this couple over the last few months and I have made leaps and bounds in my mental health and my overall well being.

Jena Garza, ID


Jeremiah and Amber offer a transformative synergy. They each bring unique tools, yet their core mission is the same: to empower you to co-create a life overflowing with purpose, joy, and radiant health.

Distant and In- person Sessions Available

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Vibrational Therapy

Transform your energetic framework through the power of sound, eliminating obstacles and sparking a path to dynamic health.

Jeremiah is a level 4 Biofield Tuning Practitioner. 

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Jeremiah & Amber

Step through a portal where Jeremiah and Amber combine their techniques to gently harmonizes your energetic landscape. Receive a session with both of them at the same time.


Two healers - one session. 

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Energetic Solutions

Harnesses the power of "transference" - shifting from one state of being to another. Align your choices and actions with your true purpose, co-creating a life overflowing with joy and fulfillment.

Amber is a teacher level practitioner with Transference Healing 

Break free from limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, and anxieties to ignite your potential and create a life that sparks joy.

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