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Mystic Meadows

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Sacred Medicine, Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living.

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Awaken your highest potential through

sacred healing.

Imagine feeling certain in who you are,

significant enough to share your talents with the world,

confident enough to take action, 

& full of potential. 

This is possible!

Our work is a unique blend of sound and shamanic healing

as well as embodiment practices that supports you to.....

Reclaim your  Identity,

Align with your  Soul Desires  

  Awaken your power & 

Tap Into the natural healing abilities of the body.

We guide courageous women like you to leap into

the next level of consciousness through:

  • generational healing  

  • managing stress

  • better sleep

  • vitality 


We activate your inner wisdom so you can cultivate an epic life of optimal

health on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels. 

Reducing stress, clearing generational trauma, getting better sleep, 

and staying in a healthy state on all levels will empower you to....

Awaken your highest potential.

The 3 pillars of our services



Heal past trauma, pain, or limiting beliefs by releasing them in private or group sessions. 


Awaken new frequencies within by tapping into the healing energy of the body & creating new mindset patterns. 



Transform by becoming the truest form of who you are & following your soul desires.   


Mystic: a person who seeks to obtain unity with the Divine & believes in the spiritual truths that are beyond the intellect.

Mystic Meadows was birthed out of struggling times for Jeremiah & Amber. 


Years ago they were raising teenagers and it became abundantly obvious that they needed spiritual & emotional guidance. Turns out their whole family needed some healing. 


Eventually they found out they were all empaths & had some spiritual gifts they needed to work with. 


They worked on different things within themselves.


Amber's focus during her healing was on reclaiming her identity. She lost herself in all the roles in society. Through meditation, energetic boundaries, & shamanic healing Amber was able to awaken her power, gain confidence, & align more with her soul desires. 

Jeremiah's focus was on letting go of control & accepting that life isn't perfect. By doing the inner work he was able to connect his emotional & physical body together in a way he had never done before. Through breath work, sound healing, & working with his intuition he was able to calm his nervous system & let that go of the control.  


After much research & tons of inner work, Jeremiah and Amber created Mystic Meadows Healing where they both offer transformational experiences & support for those who are on the path to discovering their soul desires. 

You’re here to expand into
your Divine frequency. 
This is your official invitation,
to become your truest self.

You have the wisdom and power to
transform your reality and unlock your highest potential.

Sunset Stroll

The Intuitive Healing Couple

Jeremiah & Amber

Certified Healing Practitioners

Jeremiah & Amber have been married for over 20 years & have experienced many ups & downs; however, their relationship improved by leaps & bounds when they healed their past & embraced their gifts. 


They offer sessions together (2 healers in one session) or separate depending on your healing needs. 

For more information on their healing techniques check out their individual pages. 

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A healing of hope, light, & love, to help you RISE. 

Amber Dobkins

Amber is a women's empowerment coach, intuitive healer & author. Her mission is to guide women to strip away everything that is not who they truly are so they can reclaim their power, identity, & soul desires.



Sound healing for the body & mind


Jeremiah is an embodiment & growth mindset coach. His mission is to guide people to tap into the strength of their mind & body to powerfully move forward in life without the blocks that hold them back.


A clip from a presentation we gave for a group of empaths. 

Happy Woman Waking Up

Jordan, Canada

Working with Amber has made a significant impact on my vitality, clarity and life focus. Her insight and experience led me through a process where I was able to release old negative and stuck emotions in my body and mind with ease. I noticed a genuine shift within a few hours after our session, and have continued to have elevated and positive feelings overall. Since working with Amber, my Heart feels more open, I feel grounded, and positive shifts are happening for me. So very grateful for Amber and her incredible gifts for the world. 

Bride Looking at the Sea

Tenille, Idaho

My experience with Mystic Meadows has been nothing less than healing, enlightening and increased my forward progress, with a beautiful flow of inner growth. Jeremiah and Amber are a perfect team, and bring a whole healing experience that is difficult to find. 

Man in Suit

Tony, Idaho

I had the privilege to receive several treatments from Jeremiah at Mystic-Vibrations involving Biofield Tuning. They all went very well and Jeremiah was very professional in his approach. I left feeling much better after each session, in fact a couple of them I had headaches prior to starting the session and after it was completed the headache was completely gone. I would highly recommend Jeremiah and Mystic-Vibrations to anyone that is looking for healing properties that do not involve traditional western medicine.

Mystic Meadows Healing

Emotional care is one of the most important things in life. 


It's normal to do preventative care for our physical health, why not do preventative care for our emotional health? 

Your emotional state affects all other areas of your life! Taking care of your emotions enhances your relationship with yourself, which in turn enhances your relationships with others.

It also improves your health & wellness.  

We want you to live the life you desire!

Amber Dobkins Proofs-115_edited_edited_edited.png
Jeremiah & Amber have been married for over 20 years.

They experienced personal & spiritual growth
by working together on their marriage.

They healed themselves individually & then healed their
marriage & family collectively. 

There is hope!

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