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Sacred Legacy: 
Empowered Generational Healing

This is more than a book; it's an invitation to embark on a transformative journey with your mothers, daughters, and friends. Together, you'll kindle the Sacred Legacy within your circles and communities. Discover the invaluable gift of empowered generational healing.

Immerse yourself in the empowering tales of three generations of women as they break free from cycles, wounds, and patterns, inspiring you to do the same.

Practical Steps:

Walk through the five essential steps that led these women to courageously forge a better path for themselves and their daughters, offering you a roadmap to do the same.

Healing Practices:

Discover alternative practices to escape toxic patterns, nurture healthier relationships, and build a legacy of love and support.

Why "Sacred Legacy"? This isn't just a book; it's a movement. By understanding the journeys of Zanny, Ulew, and Jewels, you gain insights that empower you to create positive changes within your own family.

Reader Testimonials:

"A beautiful example of the potential of generational healing! This book is infused with deeper wisdom, but in a subtle enough manner that I feel like I could give it to my own mother and potentially have it well received. It inspires hope for a more tolerant and loving future."

— Amazon Review

"Both a memoir and a self help book in one, the keen observations shifted things into perspective I thought I already knew. It has brought things home into a more complete picture and added new tools and bits of wisdom as well.

Do not discount the appendix! Read until the end because some of the most valuable tools and information are in there. There were many moments when I wished I had a highlighter with me!

In the conversations I’ve had since reading this book, my mind constantly connects it to our discussions, and I’m blown away by just how true and relevant it is. You are going to want your own copy so that you can refer back to it as often as you need, and you’ll be wanting your friends to read it."

— Amazon Review

Begin your journey of healing and empowerment. Click below to order your copy of 'Sacred Legacy' now!

About Sacred Legacy

Sacred Legacy, Empowered Generational Healing is available online wherever you purchase books, including Amazon. Available in Paperback, Kindle, & on Audible & iTunes.

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We are three generations of women who are passionate about creating relationships that revolve around love, support, and acceptance. 

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Sacred Legacy:
Empowered Generational Healing

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