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Don't make this generational mistake. Create a legacy of healthy generational patterns.

Creating a desirable life and building a legacy of healthy relationships is something many wish to achieve. The good news is that breaking the chains of negative patterns and consciously creating healthy habits is achievable.

“A legacy of support creates the container to remember who we are, to allow the healing to unfold in ourselves, our communities, and our relationships. This is a space of respect and loving-kindness that leads to transformation and healing.”

— Angela Billings, Sacred Legacy,
Empowered Generational Healing
(releasing 8/26/22)

When it comes to generational trauma, most people are unaware of the patterns they are passing down. We learn certain unhealthy habits from childhood and unconsciously repeat them, then our children and grandchildren continue the pattern. You can stop the pattern by becoming aware of the unhealthy habits you are repeating.

A myth that many believe is that if they ignore their trauma, it will go away! The truth is that trauma gets stored in your energy field, muscles, and subconscious. Therefore, you must work with the trauma to heal it. Becoming aware of the patterns you may be passing on can be a little intimidating. However, generational work provides many rewards and, ultimately, freedom from your past.

One way to do the generational healing work is to pay attention to the things you do that bug you. Or become aware of what you say - it might just be your mother’s words you thought you’d never say. Write down the unhealthy patterns that were passed down to you. Now ask yourself if you want to break these patterns. You may even choose to have a family meeting and agree to work on breaking these patterns together. Be intentional with your actions and words to create a sacred legacy.

When breaking unhealthy patterns in your family, start with this saying: “It stops with me.”

Building a sacred legacy is a comprehensive journey that starts with you and then branches out to your loved ones.

Learn more about building a healthy relationships in Amber's upcoming book Sacred Legacy, Empowered Generational Healing. This book was written by three generations of women.

Sacred Legacy helps women understand how to break unhealthy generational patterns, and provides a roadmap to leaving a legacy of love, support, and healthy bonding.

Be the first to know when the book comes out and help us launch it by clicking here:

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