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Welcome to the Shamanic side of Mystic Meadows, where we believe in Divine gifts and the exploration of our spiritual nature.

Hello, my name is Amber. I'm a shamanic healing practitioner, which means I work with the mystical realm to foster deep transformation.


My expertise revolves around harnessing the power of the Lightbody, a remarkable tool that unlocks your potential and facilitates emotional healing. 


Working with the Lightbody focuses on addressing the root causes of issues and nurturing a profound sense of wholeness and well-being.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is one of the most ancient healing modalities.

Amber uses shamanic practices to gain information from your energy field and then energetically adjusts imbalances, removes blocks, and restores vitality to depleted areas. 

Testimonial by Jewelia

Amber was trained by Alexis Cartwright, Mystery School Teacher, Author, and founder of Transference Healing, in 2018.  

As a healing practitioner, Amber supports you to become a frequency shifter, this allows you to be in your full power and shift any emotion or situation into a transformation experience. Here's how Amber can help you shift your frequency: 

  • Lightbody Activation: awakening and activating your Lightbody, a process that involves aligning and balancing your energy centers (chakras) and expanding your consciousness, leads to heightened awareness, spiritual awakening, and a deeper connection to your inner self.

  • Energy Balancing: Your Lightbody is closely connected to the flow of energy within you. When this energy becomes stagnant or blocked, it can result in physical and emotional issues. Amber can help you identify and clear these blockages, allowing energy to flow freely and restoring balance to your energetic system.

  • Emotional Healing: The Lightbody plays a significant role in emotional healing. By working with the Lightbody, you can heal deep-seated emotional wounds and traumas leading to resilience and emotional well-being.

  • Spiritual Awakening: Journeying with the Lightbody can lead to expanded states of consciousness and spiritual awakening. 

  • Self-Discovery: The Lightbody serves as a guiding tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Gain insights into your life purpose, strengths, and areas for improvement. This self-awareness can empower you to make positive changes in your life.

In addition to harnessing the power of the Lightbody, Amber also incorporate the profound wisdom of Tarot into her healing practice. Tarot is more than just a deck of cards; it's a powerful tool for insight, guidance, and personal transformation.



Tarot Readings

Dive into the mystical world of tarot as we unlock the secrets of the cards together, empowering you to make informed decisions. In this unique reading experience, we delve into your astrology chart, work with your chakras, and integrate guidance through simple exercises.


Shamanic Healing

Amber specializes in working with the Lightbody. This is your energetic blueprint, the part of you that radiates with light and vibrancy. It's where your deepest potential resides, waiting to be unlocked. She helps you tap into this inner brilliance, guiding you to heal, grow, and transform into the best version of yourself.


Books By Amber

Sacred Legacy, Empowered Generational Healing - Amber wrote this book with her mom and daughter.


Sacred Medicine, Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living - Amber wrote chapter 17

Jaguar Medicine, Fierce Feminine Frequency Keepers Birthing the New Earth - Amber wrote chap 5

How Does Amber's Healing Work ?

At our very essence, we are beings composed of vibration and light. While Jeremiah specializes in vibrational therapy, Amber's expertise lies in the realm of light.

Light is truly captivating; it carries information in various forms, such as through the frequencies of colors and the intricate shapes of sacred geometry.

Within the human energy field, we encounter several layers, often referred to as the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies. Together, these layers make up what we commonly call the light body.

Through electrical measurements, practitioners can detect the presence of light in the energetic body. Aura photography, also known as Kirlian photography, offers a visual glimpse into these intricate energy fields. Shamanic practitioners have honed their skills to navigate and work within these realms effectively.

Here are photos of the light around the body and how it effects us energetically:

Alignment (8.5 x 11 in).png
Un-Aligned (8.5 x 11 in).png

These are examples of how the light body works. These photos do not belong to Mystic Meadows. 

Lightbody healing sessions offer a massive shifts in emotional well-being, mental clarity, & manifesting your soul desires. Here are a few more benefits clients receive:

  • Helps alleviate Anxiety

  • Balances the emotional body

  • Clears negative energies

  • Clears genetic pain

  • Clears painful subconscious memories from the DNA and residue from the cellular and etheric level of the body

  • Detoxifies our etheric/physical system

  • Helps with Disorientation

  • Eliminates Emotional/mental anxiousness

  • Allows one to release phobias and fears 

  • Works with physical and emotional pain

  • Enhances spiritual enlightenment

  • Helps you evolve on a soul level 

  • Supports those who are extra fragile and hypersensitivity

  • Feeling overwhelmed by circumstances in our lives/power plays

  • Relieves Headaches

  • Improves Hormone Funcitions

  • Clears Inability to think clearly 

  • Helps with loss of memory

  • Works with master glands 

  • Alleviates overwhelming tiredness 

  • Clears past traumas

  • Perfects the chakra system

  • Promotes physical wellbeing

  • Reinforces the electromagnetic field 

  • Rejuvenates on a cellular level 

  • Revitalize the glandular system

  • Severes karmic pain 

  • Supports you to reconnect to who you truly are & embrace your authenticity

  • Gain confidence by awakening the power within

  • Align with your soul to reach your dreams

  • Release old thoughts, patterns, & hurts

  • Strip away fear, judgment, & emotional blockages

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