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Reconnect with your soul & become your most authentic self!

Amber is an intuitive healer, author, & writing coach.

Books she has been published in:

Sacred Medicine, Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living

Jaguar Medicine, Fierce Feminine Frequency Keepers Birthing the New Earth

Sacred Legacy, Empowered Generational Healing (releasing 8/26/2022)

Those who work with Amber begin to understand the complexity of their Divinity. They experience massive shifts in their emotional well-being, mental clarity, & manifesting their soul desires. The healing work she provides helps her clients move past the pain & become who they truly are. 

Embodying Divine truths & releasing self-doubt helps activate true happiness, soul guidance, and everyday miracles. 

Here are a few areas of focus when working with Amber:

     • reconnecting to who you truly are & embracing your authenticity 
     • gaining confidence by awakening the power within
     • aligning with your soul to reach your dreams
     • releasing old thoughts, patterns, & hurts
     • stripping away fear, judgment, & emotional blockages
     • living more from the heart

Check out these other Pages to learn more about Amber.
Amber is currently taking some time off and will not be available for sessions.

Jeremiah is available if you would like to work with him. 

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Reclaim your identity, Align with your soul desires & Awaken your power!

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Amber's Why

I was once afraid of everything that was unknown or deemed “dark.” One day, in meditation, I was guided to enter the dark parts within myself.


I had to face all my secrets, fears and regrets. It took me years to fully embrace all parts of myself and transform my shadows into light. If I hadn’t worked with my shadow side, I would have stayed small, hidden, and out of the public eye.


One of the shadow patterns I had to face was abandonment. This wound led me to believe it wasn’t safe to be my true self. In some form or another I felt that I was too much for others and therefor they would eventually leave.


I quickly learned that hiding my authenticity and becoming a people pleaser was easier than dealing with the pain of abandonment. 

Those on the path of spirituality know that the universe never allows us to be out of integrity for very long. So, I was only allowed to live the life of hiding and people pleasing for a period of time.


Through those years of inauthenticity, I found that I had abandoned myself. I let my soul slowly die as I entered a life of exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. 


My spirit was giving up on life and I was left with a choice. Lie in bed totally paralyzed by emotional pain or get up and start connecting to more of my core self.


Thankfully, my spirit called me to do the work and bring wholeness to my being. That's the moment I began my healing journey. I want others to know there is hope and support for you as you heal.

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