Learn more about your 

core wounding by clicking below.

Becoming aware of this wound can 

empower you to step into the

gifts your wounding is teaching you.


Amber works with shamanic energy, alchemy, & light frequency to purify your body.

Are you ready to go deeper into your heart to release pain & gain freedom?





Regular healing sessions consistently purify genetic weakness from the body. Purifying these limitations enable us to understand the complexity of our divine nature.


We can then see the underlying energetic causes of circumstances & the source of physical ailments so we can clear internal weakness, physically heal, & make a complete shift in consciousness. Through this, we become more 'enlightened' in body & consciousness.

A session can support you to:

  • release old thoughts, patterns, & hurts

  • strip away fear, judgment, & emotional blockages

  • give & receive unconditional love & live more from the heart

  • connect to the new EMF (electromagnetic frequency) of the earth

  • hold more light to anchor your light body & ascend to the 5th dimension

  • clear attached entities

Lightbody symptoms happen when we are becoming more empowered energetically. Our physical body struggles to upgrade as quickly as our energetic body. Symptoms may include the following, if you are experiencing any of these you can gain relief through the Mother Load session.

Lightbody Symptoms:

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS - flu-like symptoms, occasional breathing difficulties, short periods of intense tiredness, headaches migraines, dizziness, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, circulation problems, tingling in extremities, achy bones and joints, skin irritations, odd sleeping patterns and night sweats, sensitivity to temperature.


EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS- mood swings, intense fear, losing sense of time, vagueness and head, empty feeling in stomach, feelings of deja vu, intense dreams, frightening and overwhelming emotions that feel like they require urgency, seeing shadows, and feelings of disassociation and alienation.

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Healing Session


Clearing Session

This is a relaxing & heartfelt healing that integrates frequency changes within the body. Specific healing procedures relevant to the your needs are applied to identify the underlying causes of any illness or imbalances.

1.5 hrs

If something feels off or strange about your home, or office space, than this healing is for you. Specific healing procedures are applied to identify & clear the underlying causes of any imbalances, stuck energy, or entities attached to the space. 

1.5 hrs


Lightbody Session

Healing & Clearing Sessions

Frequency Session

Includes a Mother Load session on your family as a unit, a session for each family member, & a session on the energy of your home. This is a quick way to shift the energy within your living space. It provides insight and healing on all aspects of the home & family.

10+ hours of healing. 

This session uses the energies of crystals, elements of nature, animal magic, & platonic solids to provide relevant information to support the realizations that are necessary for you to gently raise your consciousness.

30 min

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