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Overcome Fears, Tap into Confidence, and

Embrace a Life of Purpose and Fulfillment

My mission is to empower individuals to conquer chronic stress, navigate their spiritual awakening journey, and reconnect with their true essence, ultimately discovering deep and lasting fulfillment.


Using holistic methods, I guide you in releasing negative emotions that drain your energy, breaking free from limiting beliefs, and reclaiming control over your life.

As you master your stress and energy body, you'll enjoy deeper sleep, heightened energy levels, and foster stronger connections with yourself and others, empowering you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

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I made this my mission for two reasons:

Why This Mission Matters to Me:

1) I was once a stressed & anxious mom, trying to juggle life’s dem&s while suppressing my true self. Overcoming these challenges taught me that embracing my authentic self is far more fulfilling than trying to fit in. This transformation fuels my passion to help others find their own path to authenticity & joy.


2) Over the past seven years, my meditations, dreams, & visions have revealed that many women feel unfulfilled & lonely. I was once one of them. I've dedicated myself to being part of the solution, helping women reignite their inner spark & live with purpose.

It's time to rekindle the spark in our hearts and live with passion, fulfillment, and joy.


How do we do that?

Well it starts by reconnecting to our radiance, our soul that shines within. With simple practices and healing techniques we can free our soul and let it soar.  

Enjoying Outdoor

Shift any emotion or situation into a powerful experience that will propel you forward.

How Does Amber's Healing Work?

Imagine the pure joy and contentment you feel after a perfect weekend when everything seems to align just right. That feeling of lightness, happiness, and being fully alive reflects your energy field being in a positive and balanced state.

Now, contrast that with the sense of exhaustion and heaviness you might feel after facing a difficult or stressful situation. You feel weighed down, depleted, and perhaps even disconnected from yourself and others. This drained feeling is also a reflection of your energy field, showing how it's been impacted by stress and negative experiences.

These contrasting experiences—whether joyful and uplifting or heavy and draining—are signals from your energy field, a complex network that encompasses your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Your energy field is like an invisible force that surrounds and permeates your body, responding to your thoughts, emotions, and the environment around you.

When your energy is balanced and flowing freely, you feel vibrant, joyful, and aligned with your true self. However, when it's blocked or disrupted by stress, negativity, or challenging circumstances, you can feel tired, overwhelmed, and out of sync.

Understanding and managing your energy field can help you maintain that joyful, balanced state more consistently, even through life’s ups and downs. By using simple techniques to align your heart, mind, and emotions, you can boost your energy, attract positive people, and radiate confidence from within. All this becomes possible when you tap into the power of your energy field.

Once you learn to manage your energy, you’ll feel more balanced and centered in everyday life. You’ll experience a sense of calm and clarity, handle challenges with ease, and live with a renewed sense of purpose and joy. Your energy will naturally attract the right opportunities and people, leading to deeper connections and a fulfilling, vibrant life.

As a Holistic Healing practitioner, I guide you on a personalized journey to unveil your own brilliance. Through this enlightening process, you'll uncover and release energetic patterns that keep you from living a life of peace, joy, and purpose.


Many clients find that their intuition and psychic abilities are enhanced as higher frequencies within the energy body are activated. Additionally, these healing sessions facilitate the release of deep-seated emotional wounds and traumas, leading to profound emotional freedom and healing.

This holistic technique balances and harmonizes your entire system, ensuring a smooth flow of energy throughout your body. It also fosters a deeper connection to higher realms of consciousness, supporting your spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The photos below showcase two vastly different energy levels: one dimmed by the shadows of a disrupted energy field, the other illuminated by the radiance of inner peace. Each unique pattern in your aura speaks volumes about your well-being.  


Can you see the difference?

Northern Lights

These photos do not belong to Mystic Meadows. 

Healing practitioners can detect the presence of light in the energetic body and work within these realms to enhance optimal health and wellness.

With healing sessions, you will witness unresolved patterns dissolve, limiting beliefs transform, and your true essence shine vibrant as ever. This journey guides you beyond the ordinary, tapping into potent currents of spiritual wisdom and elemental energies to forge your path to personal alchemy.



“During these sessions, I have to tell you, I was blown away. I began to be able to let go of things I had really struggled to before.  I have made leaps and bounds in my mental health and my overall well being. I recommend it to anyone that may be feeling stuck or going through any hardships of their own."

Jena Garza - Boise, Idaho

What Clients Experience After A Session

Clients often describe a profound impact of a Transference Healing session, experiencing a depth that may take a few days to fully integrate.

During a session, some report having spiritual experiences, while afterward, they frequently express feeling lighter, clearer, and more adept at understanding themselves and their life situations with a newfound sense of inner peace.

Testimonial by Jewelia

Each session is tailored to your unique needs, weaving together potent metaphysical principles, powerful energy work, and holistic healing techniques for a profound shift in your well-being. Choose the session that fits you best: 



Call with Amber

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. During this call, I will listen and support you through whatever you're going through. 


This 45 minute session will be broken down into this layout:


First I give you time to express yourself, I will simply listen, then we will discuss and process your topic of choice, and finally we will focus on your next steps. 


The Motherlode Session

This session addresses various aspects of well-being, including stress reduction, emotional healing, personal development, and spiritual growth. It empowers individuals to tap into their innate healing abilities, fostering a profound sense of balance, resilience, and vitality in their lives.

This session includes a

Chiron Wound Healing. 


3 Motherload Sessions 

One session is a powerful start, but three sessions allow the healing energy to fully integrate into your system. This leads to more lasting changes and a stronger foundation for further growth. The first session sets the stage, subsequent sessions build upon this foundation, allowing for greater transformation.

A healing session offers a massive shifts in emotional well-being, mental clarity, & manifesting your soul desires. 

Chiron Wound

The Biggest Pitfall That Holds You Back from Achieving Your Goals, Year After Year

Stuck in cycles of self-doubt, self-sabotage, or limiting beliefs?

Don't struggle another day! Get Your Free Chiron Wound Reading and avoid the negative thoughts that keep you playing small. 

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About Amber

Life as a "timid housewife" felt muted, like living in a black and white world. I feared my "weird spiritual" abilities and kept my true self hidden, convinced it wasn't safe to shine. Then, Transference Healing burst into my life like a technicolor explosion. With each session, I shed layers of fear and embraced my unique gifts.

Now, I'm confident in my power and purpose. My relationships are deeper, my mind clearer, and my soul authentically radiates from within. This transformative journey is not just mine; it's the potential I see in every one of you.


Beyond the realm of energy healing, nature's embrace and precious moments with loved ones nourish my soul. A natural researcher, author and dreamer, you'll often find me diving into enlightening discoveries, plotting exhilarating journeys, or weaving grand dreams for our Southern Idaho haven. 

Books by Amber

Sacred Legacy: 

Empowered Generational Healing

Sacred Legacy provides a roadmap to breaking unhealthy patterns within the family and creating a legacy of love, support, & acceptance. Written by three generations of women - Amber, Amber's Mother, & Amber's Daughter

Sacred Medicine

Mystical Practices for 

Ecstatic Living

A book full of stories and practices of mystical experiences that invites in ecstatic living.


Amber wrote Chapter 17

The Divinity Within 

Awakening the Hidden Inner Truths

Jaguar Medicine

Fierce Feminine Frequency Keepers Birthing the New Earth

They’ve come to bridge heaven and earth, the old and the new, with ferocity, deep soul knowing and heart-centered conviction to stand, unwavering in their sacred feminine power and highest sovereign truth for themselves, their lineage and ancestors, Mama Gaia and all of humanity.

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