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Feeling Complete in the Incompleteness

The feeling of incompleteness grips me from time to time.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “I am complete.”

I would utter those words once in a while without really taking in their full meaning. I used them to say I am finished speaking, but what do they truly mean?


I feel those words more deeply today.

Being complete means that I haven’t left anything unsaid or undone that I wanted say or do.

Recently, while looking over a big project I noticed I was feeling incomplete.

So I asked myself why! That’s when I realized that I hadn’t been given a chance to complete my work. I wasn’t given the final product until it was already out there for so many to see.

Part of me wanted to hide or explain the mistakes that were out of my control.

Instead of explaining or hiding… I released it all. I surrendered. I let go of blame, of frustration, of the incomplete feeling and embraced the whole process. I let go of the attachment that this would reflect negatively on me, that I would have changed some things and that I wasn’t proud of my work because I didn’t feel complete in the project.I wanted to be leaping for joy and celebrating but I found myself criticizing myself harshly.

Once I realized why I didn’t feel like leaping for joy, I was able to let go and bless the process. The moment I identified that I didn’t feel complete is the moment I felt complete. I felt complete that I could move on and let it be what it will be. I felt complete that I could learn from this process and let my Divine essence guide me through the rollercoaster of emotions.

I felt it all and that’s when I remembered all the times I felt complete and didn’t even realize it.

I found a new appreciation for those who provide an opportunity for others to feel complete. There were times I thought processes were too tedious or too rigid, now I see the beauty in that. I see how it provides an opportunity for the work to be done in a way that feels good in the end- that feels complete.

I finish this with a full heart by saying - I am complete!

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