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White Sand and Stone
A few practices we suggest to simplify life and align your energy. 
Navigating in Woods
Meditative Breathwork
Become the Obsever
Become the Observer to Process Struggles with Less Drama

Becoming aware of how you're feeling and what beliefs you are holding onto is crucial to your emotional health. We practice awareness by putting ourselves in the position of an observer rather than the main character of the situation. When we detach from the emotions of a problem and look at things as a neutral observer, we're able to change our perspective. In many cases, our anger or frustration is released because our emotions were charging the situation and making it into something that it's not. The circumstances can't have power over us if we don't allow them to. 

What's Working & What's Not
What's Working & What's Not

Reflecting on the last few weeks will reveal what is working in your life and what isn't. We invite you to pause and ponder on all the things that happened in your life recently.


Grab a piece of paper and write down the things that frustrated you or stressed you out.  

Once you have that list, become the observer by viewing the situation without attachments of emotions. To do this, we like to image the situation as if it were happening to someone else. This can bring clarity and remove the drama. 

Ask yourself if there is anything that you could have done differently that could have made these things go more smooth. Here are some examples: Could you have asked for help or delegated some tasks? Or maybe a different system would fit better with your lifestyle. 

If you can reduce these things or find creative ways to do them it might bring more joy to your life. 

Now write down what went well. What was simple, smooth, or made you smile from ear to ear? Try to add more of those things into your life. 

Set Intentions
Set Intentions to Create the Life You Desire

Looking toward what you truly desire and setting clear intentions with action steps will attract those things to you. Our family likes to set intentions every month by reflecting on the last month and looking forward to the new month. 

We try to keep it simple so that it is easy to implement through out the year, however, there are times that we spice it up and make it more special. 

Here's our process:

We grab a piece of paper, a special drink or just some water, and we jump into our process. First we reflect on the past month to see what worked and what didn't. Each person shares their thoughts and perspective, others can chime in with ideas or insight. There is usually some powerful realizations during this process. 

After our reflection we turn our focus to setting intentions for the next month. We have a method we like to work with that helps us look at several different areas in our life and see how we can create the life we desire. 

Release Stagnant Energy & Connect to Your Inner Wisdom
Relaese Stagnant Energy

Our bodies are multidimensional and can be divided into four different levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Balancing these four dimensional bodies is important to our overall wellness. We will focus on the emotional body for the moment


Emotions effect us on all levels. When we experience a traumatic situation, that emotional trauma can store in our energy field and turn into stagnant blocks. This stagnant energy can cause physical ailments, limiting beliefs, or spiritual blocks. 


So what can we do to release the emotional trauma and connect to our inner wisdom? 

The answer is there are many ways to release stagnant energy, it depends on how deep the trauma lies. With that being said, one of Amber's favorite places to start is with writing. 

Writing and meditation have been very healing for Amber. In fact she likes to mix the two methods to do meditative writing. If you would like to learn more about this method Amber explains it in the book Sacred Medicine, you can listen to her chapter here

If you're just getting started Amber encourages you to find a comfy space where you can write without distraction. Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and connect with your heart. Visualize pink or green and focus on your chest area.  Once you feel connected to your heart set a timer for at least 3 minutes. Hit start on your timer and start writing. Don't think about what you're writing, feel what you're writing. Let your hand glide across the page until the timer stops. You can keep going if you'd like but don't stop before the timer goes off. If you get stuck and aren't sure what to write start writing out questions and see how your heart responds. 

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