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White Sand and Stone
A few practices we suggest to simplify life and align your energy. 
Navigating in Woods
Meditative Breathwork
Become the Obsever
Become the Observer to Process Struggles with Less Drama

Becoming more aware of our emotions and the beliefs that shape our reality is a crucial step towards achieving emotional well-being. But how can we do this in practice? By taking a step back and looking at things from a fresh perspective, we can gain valuable insights into our inner world and transform our emotional state for the better.

We can change our perspective by detaching from our emotions and looking at things objectively. This allows us to release feelings of anger or frustration that may be amplifying the situation.

The next time you have a troubling situation you are dealing with, imagine you're watching a movie, and the main character is going through the same situation.  This simple act of mental distance can help you shift your perspective and see things in a new light. When practicing this you are emotionally detaching from the situation and releasing your judgments. 

For example: let’s say you’re in a disagreement with a family member. Instead of focusing on your emotions and trying to prove your point, imagine the situation is happening to someone else. What advice would you give that person? How would you encourage them to communicate their feelings? By stepping back and analyzing the situation objectively, you can find a more effective way to resolve the conflict.

As you analyze the situation from multiple angles, ask yourself: "What beliefs and assumptions am I holding onto that are amplifying my negative emotions?" By challenging your own biases and prejudices, you can break free from limiting patterns of thinking and gain a fresh outlook on life. You can then ask yourself what advice you would give the characters in the movie and see if it shifts your perspective on the situation. 

Ultimately, by taking back control over our emotional responses, we empower ourselves to create the life we truly desire. 

The next time you find yourself caught up in a difficult situation, take a step back, imagine you're watching a movie, and try to see the situation from a fresh perspective. See how it makes you feel and what insights you can gain from the exercise. By taking control of your emotional responses, you can transform your life for the better. 

If you find yourself struggling to detach from your emotions and need support in applying these techniques, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We offer healing sessions with Jeremiah, Amber, or both of them, where you can receive personalized guidance on how to improve your emotional well-being and gain more control over your life. Start taking steps towards a happier, healthier you today.

What's Working & What's Not
What's Working & What's Not

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut, sleepwalking through life, or lack purpose? If so, you're not alone. (Amber) I've been there, and I know how it feels. But the good news is that I found a way out, and it all started with setting clear intentions and taking actionable steps toward creating the life I desired.

One of my favorite methods for doing this is by following the cycle of the moon. Each month on the New Moon and Full moon, I take some time to reflect on the previous month and set up steps for the upcoming month. 

When working with the New Moon I use this method:

Here’s how I do this practice: I grab a notebook and make a special drink. This drink usually consists of cacao or a yummy mocktail. Then I find a comfy space to dive into the process. If it’s nice outside I prefer to be in nature. I love sitting next to my water fountain and feeling the warmth of the sun surrounding my body. If it’s during the cooler months, I find a soft and cozy blanket and cuddle up next to my wood stove. 


First, I reflect on what worked in the past month. Sometimes I do this with a group or my family, and we share our thoughts and perspectives, which often leads to some powerful realizations. Then, I turn my focus to setting intentions for the next month. I break it down into specific categories such as health, relationships, finances, and personal growth, and determine actionable steps to achieve them.


When working with the Full Moon I use this method: 

Here’s how I do this practice: I start off the same way I do New Moon - I grab a notebook and make a special drink. This drink usually consists of cacao or a yummy mocktail. 

Then I go outside just as it starts to get dark or I find a comfy space inside where I am most likely to see the Full Moon to dive into the process. I can’t always bask in the light of the full moon, so there are times I light a candle or grab a soft and cozy blanket and cuddle up next to my wood stove. 

First, I reflect on what didn't work in the past month. Sometimes I do this with a group or my family, and we share our thoughts and perspectives, which often leads to some powerful realizations. Then, I turn my focus to releasing things that cause stress, overwhelm, or unfulfillment. It’s not always possible to get rid of things that stress me out.


When I come across something that I must do but don’t enjoy doing, I try to find a way to make those events less stressful. I might ask for help, or prepare myself for these events but meditating more and utilizing breath work.Then, I look at my month ahead and try to schedule self-care. To do this I make a list of self-care items that I can refer to when I’m feeling like things are chaotic, then I add one of those self practices into my week. I find that I’m able to handle the tough things that come my way in a more relaxed and calm way. 

My family has been working with the moon for over 5 years now and we all have noticed that we are more self aware and feel more in control of our reality. By taking this approach, I've become more focused and intentional in my life, which has led to more positive outcomes. And I believe it can do the same for you. 


Whether you’re feeling stuck or you just want to add some intentional practices into your life, setting intentions and taking actionable steps can help you manifest the life you desire. Follow this monthly reflection and intention-setting process to align your mind, body, and soul.

If you would like to practice the Full Moon technique with us (Jeremiah and Amber), we invite you to join us on a group zoom meeting to release anything that is no longer serving you. This practice will help set you up to manifest and set intentions for the New Moon.

Relaese Stagnant Energy
Release Stagnant Energy & Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

Our bodies are multidimensional and can be divided into four different levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Balancing these four dimensional bodies is important for our overall wellness. In this article, we will mainly focus on the emotional body.

Emotions affect us on all levels. When we experience a traumatic situation, that emotional trauma can store in our energy field and turn into stagnant blocks. This stagnant energy can cause physical ailments, limiting beliefs, or spiritual blocks.

Examples of emotional trauma include abandonment, rejection, feeling unloved, guilt, shame, etc. Some of these traumas start in childhood. For instance, a working mother needs childcare for her baby and leaves her child in a daycare during the day. The baby doesn't understand why their mother is leaving them, which creates an emotional reaction and may stir feelings of abandonment. Depending on how deeply ingrained this emotion lies and how bonded the baby is to its mother can determine whether this emotional trauma becomes a pattern or limiting belief in life. The baby may develop the limiting belief that everyone leaves them, causing them to experience abandonment issues into their teenage years and possibly into adulthood.

This trauma can be released from the biofield (energy field of the body), and the pain and pattern of abandonment may leave the person's life for good. If abandonment continues to show up, the person can cope better by releasing the trauma and using energy techniques to cope with future issues.

So what can we do to release emotional trauma and connect to our inner wisdom? There are many ways to release stagnant energy, depending on how deep the trauma lies. Here are a few suggestions:

1. HEALING SESSIONS & PRACTICES: Learn more about your energy field, the multidimensional body, and how to release stagnant energy and limiting beliefs with the CHAKRA BALANCING COURSE. Or if you'd like more support and guidance on your healing journey, you can book a session with Jeremiah, Amber, or both of them.

2. MOVEMENT: You can start your healing at home by working with your breath and moving the body to release stored emotions. A powerful movement modality is yoga. If you've practiced yoga, you know it involves much more than just movement. It utilizes breathwork, meditation, and flexibility to enhance your physical and personal growth.

3. EXPRESSION: One of Amber's favorite places to start is through expression. When we suppress ourselves, we hold onto the pain and aren't able to release it. By acknowledging your feelings and processing them, you can learn more about yourself and the patterns you hold. Writing and meditation have been very healing for Amber. In fact, she likes to combine the two methods and engage in meditative writing. If you would like to learn more about this method, Amber explains it in her book "Sacred Medicine," and you can listen to her chapter here. Or join the Mystic Writing Circle (more information on that here).

4. EDUCATION: Our physical body sends us messages to notify us of our inner emotional and spiritual state, we just need to learn how to interpret the message. Thankfully, many sages have worked with their bodies and science to give us a roadmap to understanding our multidimensional body better.


One of our favorite books is "Heal Your Body A to Z" by Louise L. Hay. Here's an example of some of the messages our body is sending us: if we have tightness or tension in our thighs and hips, it can be an indication that we are storing childhood trauma in our body. Working with your energy field and incorporating stretching movements in the thigh and hip area can release the tension and stored emotion (stagnant energy).


Overall, it's important to remember that emotional wellness is a crucial component of our overall well-being.

Other Resources


The Bonding Booklet was inspired by Amber's book Sacred Legacy: Empowered Generational Healing. 

Bonding is an important part of relationships.

The Bonding Tips booklet discusses ideas on bonding with infants, teenagers,

adult children, your parents, and even with yourself.

Family Playing Table Tennis

Amber was a 
contributing author in the book Sacred Medicine: Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living. She wrote chapter 17 The Divinity Within. You can listen to her chapter on finding her truth and Divinity while healing childhood wounds and navigating her roles as a mother and wife. There are many practical tools in this book for anyone to start living an ecstatic life. List to Amber's chapter for free. 

Recieve Chapter 17 (Amber's Chapter) of Sacred Medicine on audio, by filling out the form here. 


Amber works with cosmic energy. One of the energies that is important in her work is Chiron (a planetoid). The energy of Chiron holds key information about our core wound and our superpower. Chiron is known as the wounded healer. His story teaches us that where we are deeply wounded is also where we can shine the brightest.

Learn more about your core wound (aka Chiron wound) and how to turn it into your superpower or gift. To receive your Chiron wound information fill out the form below.  

Planet and Moon


Amber was a contributing author in the book Jaguar Medicine: Fierce Feminine Frequency Birthing the New Earth. She wrote chapter 5: Radiant Integrity. She offers a meditation that accompanies her chapter. 

Receive the Jaguar Medicine meditation to connect with the fierce feminine within by filling out the form here .

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