Autumn/Fall Equinox

We are now half way through the zodiac year. If you live in an area that has 4 seasons then our nights are getting longer & our days are getting shorter which brings more balance between day & night. ⠀

Energetically this season is calling us to bring BALANCE in our doing & being life. It’s time to reap our harvest & look back on what we have accomplished over the last 6 months (looking back to the Spring Equinox). CELEBRATE your accomplishments & REVISIT goals or intentions you set in March that may not have come to fruition.⠀

Here are some great ways to bring balance during this season.⠀

1. De-clutter- autumn is about releasing things that are no longer needed in your life. Your probably going to be inside more so make sure your space is comforting & enjoyable to your soul. ⠀


2. Meditate- the season change is creating balanc

e between light & dark / day & night. It’s a good time to back doing & being. Going within helps us balance our lives. ⠀


3. Organize- bring harmony, balance, & beauty into your life & home through organization. It will reduce your stress & ease your mind so you can meditate with less mental “to-do’s” calling you. ⠀


4. Journal- it reduces anxiety & stress. Do I need to say more? Ok it allows us to get those worries out of our head, find motivation & moments of gratitude. It also broadens our language skills. 9/22 happens to be national dear diary day encouraging others to journal. ⠀

5. Creativity- we are entering Libra season. Libra is an air sign which is about our mind & thoughts. Beware of how you talk to yourself & where your thoughts take you. Your thoughts create your reality, so be sure you are thinking about things you want to create in your life. It’s a good time to start something new or plan something you want to set in motion. ⠀

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