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New moon eclipse on 12/14 & 7 Day Chakra Balancing

Here's what you need to know, the moon will be and Sagittarius as well as the sun. Sagittarius is about adventure, exploring, being spontaneous, seeing the bigger picture, studying on a deep intellectual level, & teaching what you know really well. So, of course it's a good time to study, it's also a good time to go on adventures even if it's just in your mind. You can read a book that sparks adventure within or meditate, anything that can get you out exploring and looking to the stars. Dream big and really look at things from a bigger picture. 

The eclipse is about going deep within. This is a time to really allow yourself to feel everything that you need to feel. 
This eclipse is 7 days away from 12/21, the Winter Solstice. For 7 days we are going to do some chakra balancing videos, so join us for the next 7 days. And then on the Solstice we will have a meditation that helps balance all the chakras. 


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