Do you receive compliments well?

You may get compliments on your gifts, talents or maybe it's how you dress, how you look, things that you do, or characteristics that you have. It's always nice to get a compliment.

Here are some things that people compliment me on: one of those things is gathering.

I love gathering people, making connections with others and having experiences as a group. It's so important to me to have deep conversations with others and connect on a heart level. I also get compliments on my teaching and researching skills. I have some little radar within me that can find information other people struggle to find. I can even be sitting next to someone who is searching the exact same phrase that I am and I can find information that they can't. It's weird! I don't know what it is, I’m not sure if that's a gift or luck or different Google connections. People will come to me and ask for information, research or to teach/talk about a certain subject. The nice thing is that I enjoy all these things, I never looked at them as a gift or something that I was super good at. I always looked at it as kind of just something natural that I do, kind of like I have brown so it's not like a gift to have brown hair, I was just born with brown hair. I looked at all of those things that I was good at like they were just brown hair.

I’m starting to realize that there is a gift there and that I can use it in a way that helps others. I’d love to share a recent compliment I received that really warmed my heart. A friend sent me a text and said, “we are impressed with your wisdom & love watching your posts, we love your gift of gathering. We've also noticed your confidence glowing over the last year.

That compliment took me by surprise and really helped me see that the things I'm doing are shining out into the world. If you see something beautiful in someone else I think you should share it with them, tell them what you see. Of course, this should be done in a, well let’s put it this way- some people don’t need compliments. It can go to their head quickly and somehow it gets bigger. So maybe they don't necessarily need a compliment very often but then there are other people that are very humble and the compliment could really help them see themselves in a different light.

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