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Is there such a thing as GOOD FEAR?


I once thought of this word as completely negative but now I view it differently.

While hiking to a vortex in Sedona, Arizona my son decided he wanted to be fearless and started to climb around a rock formation that required proper placement of hand and foot. I could see the hesitation in his movements and maybe I fed off of it as his mother; but I immediately said, ”don’t do it.”

I turned and noticed everyone was looking at me especially the man they call the heart man who gives out heart rocks and tells you to spread love. I felt embarrassed and announced that even though he just turned 18 I was still his mother and could encourage him to be safe.

The heart man looked at me and said that is fear that your child might die and then began to scold me a bit, or at least that’s how I felt in the moment. As he told me to release my fear I could feel my body rejecting his message. I believe fear is a negative response, however I just didn’t align with his message.

I asked myself why I didn’t align with his message and realized that there is a difference between fear and safety, although they look like the same emotion.

I began to think of my son on the construction sight he used to work on and thought — what if they didn’t have any fear on the job site, would that be safe? There is a fear that is a healthy fear and ultimately keeps us safe; there is another fear that holds us back and keeps us small.

That’s why I didn’t resonate with his message because he was talking about one type of fear and I was dealing with another type of fear.

I apologized to my son and he responded with this: “mom, it’s okay I was doubting myself and that wouldn’t have been good to act on while rock climbing this high.”

As his mother I could see and feel his doubt and knew it wasn’t safe. I may have reacted as a mother and could have spoke my words in a better way but I was reacting in safety not fear. Later on, my son was able to explore the rock formation more until he started to feel more confident in his abilities. He then tried the task again and was so glad he waited until his energy was more aligned with his actions.

We are listening to a book on audio and it is talking about people who don’t have fear due to missing a section of their brain. They literally have no fear and it was looked as a disability because these people aren’t safe! They hurt themselves because the lack fear. As we listen to this book it took back to my moment in Sedona.

This post is not to give anyone a pass on holding themselves back in fear, it’s to give them an awareness that some fear is positive and some is negative. You’ll have to ask yourself which one you’re dealing with when you feel the fear coming into your reality.

Live your life to its fullest and definitely push yourself to new heights while still being safe!

It’s all about BALANCE

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