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From Sacred Medicine to Sacred Legacy

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

“Who’s gonna catch this baby?” shouted the midwife. Everyone looked at me (the soon-to-be grandma). Of course, I want to catch this baby! I was excited and in shock. I didn’t realize this was an option when I came to the birth.

“Hurry Grandma, she’s crowning!” I took my position and was ready to be the first to welcome this baby girl into the world. Both my births were c-sections and I had never been in a delivery room with anyone else. This was my first natural birth experience. Everything felt new to me as it was so different from my births.

"Here she comes," the midwife called out. The birth team took their places. Her eyes entered the room and looked around, I was the first person she saw.

“Okay, Grandma gently put your hand here and be ready to catch her,” said the midwife. I cradled her head in my hand, giving her a soft place to land. In a matter of minutes, I was holding her naked body giving her so much love. “Pass her up to mom (Jewels),” the birth team firmly shouted! I passed her to her mom and then stared at the miracle of life I just delivered. Woah, I delivered a baby, my grandbaby - Stirling Rose!

I felt a new sense of life flow over me as I watched my lineage expand. There was a call within me to tap into the wisdom each grandmother holds in her soul. This energy reached beyond this moment. I wanted to stand for justice and speak for unity, love, and strength, so I could make a change in the world for all generations.

Some of these emotions were probably coming from my recent accomplishment of becoming an author. Two weeks prior, I birthed my first book called Sacred Medicine, Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living. There is something that shifted inside of me when I put my story out for everyone to read. I felt a similar feeling when looking at my grandbaby, I wanted to do better, be wiser, and stand for healing our land and our people.

We bundled little Stirling up in her first outfit and took our proud mama and proud grandma pictures. I was responsible for making sure my two girls made it home comfortably. We loaded the car and were off. I drove with such care, like many of the grandmothers I see on the road. I always wondered why they are going so slow, now I know. Once we arrived home, Jewels noticed she had a package at the door. She opened the package and looked at me in surprise.

“I forgot I ordered this,” she said.

She pulled the item out of the package, it was the book Sacred Medicine, Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living! I knew this was a new beginning for both of us in more ways than one. We weren’t just shifting into new phases of life, we were getting ready to leave a sacred legacy.

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