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Connecting to your Personal Power & why it's important!

We have talked a lot about Scorpio energy this month. As we continue to work with this energy we can use it to strengthen our personal power. The chakra associated with Scorpio is the Solar Plexus. 

The Solar Plexus chakra is located just above the belly button & below the ribs. It is associated with consciousness & rules our identity. Scorpio energy also has a strong tie to our identity. This is our personal power center. When this center is imbalanced our ego can take over & can cause us to react or over use our power in an unhealthy way. When this center is balanced we can connect to a higher consciousness which also helps us to develop our personal power. When we tap into our personal power we can take action in true confidence. Working with this chakra can enhance manifestation & a clearer state of consciousness. 

So how do you know if this chakra is imbalanced? Well, it is connected to your digestive system (this area also includes the liver & gall bladder). When we have digestive issues, fear/worry that affects our digestive system, or low energy it can suggest that this chakra is imbalanced. Some people manipulate others or use power plays to control others when they are miss using the power in this center. If you are allowing someone to drain your energy, manipulate you, or control you then you may be giving your power away without knowing it. This can cause exhaustion as it depletes your adrenal gland which is also associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. 

The power in this center can be used as a creative source. Our passion, identity, & power are all big parts of us that are connected to the Solar Plexus. Working with this chakra takes willpower & intentional action. It can take time to balance this chakra but once it is balance it is very empowering. 

Scorpio energy is represented by the scorpion, they can be protective & react. They are also known as the phoenix bird which is a bird that rises from the ashes & transforms it's being. Scorpio is all about transformation & living your desired life. 

Since Scorpio compliments the Solar Plexus this is a great time to work with the Solar Plexus chakra. 

You can start to work with this chakra by saying this affirmation & imagining the color yellow entering the space just above your belly button. Affirmation: "I am centered, peacefully energized, & clear in consciousness."

Just remember to find the balance when using your power & be sure you are using it intentionally & not overpowering others. 

Stand in your conscious personal power! We need your power!

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