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The Powerful technique that Stops Overthinking in it's tracks

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over a situation or thought?

Or maybe when you go to bed your mind begins to race.

I think we all have struggle with this now and then.

During my morning ritual, the message "Stop overthinking!" kept coming to me.

Since it came to me from multiple sources, I’m really paying attention.

Here’s the guidance I’m getting….

When I start overthinking it’s time to pause and observe my thoughts by asking a few questions: 1. Is this thought true or am I perceiving things to be a certain way? 2. Why am I holding onto this thought?

3. Is there an emotion attached to it that I’m unaware of? This may seem like it is encouraging the mind to think more; however, it is actually allowing the mind to find the source of the overthinking and then let it go. After contemplating the root of the thoughts you can practice little thinking. Say an affirmation or focus on something in front of you that you are grateful for. Gratitude redirects our thoughts and emotions. This stops the overthinking and allows us to focus on something more productive.

This morning I was reading “How to Eat,” and again I found a message in regards to stop overthinking.

Here is an excerpt from the book....

Turn off Non-Stop Thinking