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Empowered People Empower People

Em-pow-er: make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

To become empowered and courageous we usually must first go through a struggle. The pain, discomfort, and challenge brings us to do things we never thought we could and in turn makes us stronger.

Amber went through many struggles and years of emotional pain before she was able to turn that pain into courage and eventually her passion as a healing practitioner.

It was a long and hard journey to fully step into her most courageous self. But, it was so worth it.

IntroducingThe Empower Hour Podcast

If you're looking for inspiration and tools on becoming more empowered you might enjoy tuning into Amber's new podcast series, The Empower Hour- Embodying Your Most Courageous Self Series.

In this series, she had the privilege of interviewing 8 amazing women who shared stories of how they embodied their most courageous self.

Kicking off the series is a discussion about quantum energy and healing ourselves with Dr. Denise Tropea Kelly- a health empowerment advocate!
Dr. Deinse is a powerful woman who went from struggling with anxiety, depression, and the onset of early menopause. As a doctor, she found that she was taking care of everyone else except herself. She went from being a member of the medical board with surgeons to closing her practice and becoming a Health Empowerment Advocate.

Today Dr. Denise empowers people to heal thyself and take care of thier mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Denise is also an author in the new book Jaguar Medicine which comes out in Jan 2022. Her chapter in the book is called Prescribing Seasoned Wisdom for the New Earth
More empowered stories to come soon. If you choose to watch the video, please leave us a comment on Youtube letting us know your takeaway from this discussion & follow us on Youtube.

Amber has expanded her business and is now the CEO of Empower Media. She is still offering healing sessions with Mystic Meadows but recently realized one of her biggest passions is to help women embrace their inner voice & speak their truth. Empower Media provides a platform for women to share their stories anonymously or publicly. Your story will inspire others and help with the healing process. Check out Empower Media on our website. Empower Media
Blessings from,
Jeremiah & Amber
Mystic Meadows Healing

Jeremiah & Amber are healing practitioners who work together as a team and separately as individual healers.

Amber is an author & intuitive healer who uses shamanic techniques. Her mission is to guide women to strip away everything that is not who they truly are so they can reclaim their power, identity, & soul desires.

Jeremiah is an embodiment & growth mindset coach. His mission is to guide people to tap into the strength of their mind & body to powerfully move forward in life without the blocks that hold them back.
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