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The Magic of Life's Flow

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Stepping into the flow of life is magic. If you've felt that flow, you know how wonderful it feels.

I try to stay in the flow as much as possible; however, life has its normal ups and downs. There have been many times I've let stress take over and send me into a spiral of overwhelm.

Recently, I felt the pressure building up as several big decisions had to be made. Instead of stressing over the decisions, I continued to celebrate the little moments. I talked about things that were necessary to discuss and then let it go. This is something that took me years to learn.

Trusting the Universe was one thing, trusting myself and those around me was another. I could believe the Universe has my back, but I've found that having my own back or others having my back was more difficult to trust in. I have since changed that truth, and now trust myself and those around me.

My spiritual practice became one of trusting my intuition and the situations that life throws at me. Following my intuition became something that I turned to regularly. I could trust that feeling that said something feels wrong or something feels so right. With each hardship, joy, or even mundane thing that happens I gain wisdom and experience. Having this knowledge, I am able to let things be what they are.

I call this the subtle art of letting go. When I try to control how things turn out, life becomes chaotic. When I let go and follow the flow, life becomes enjoyable.

So, when I was faced with the pressure recently, I let go. And guess what happened? The solution to the very thing I had to make a decision on came to me. It was like the Universe wrapped the solution up in a beautiful package and handed it over to me.

Was it manifestation?

Was it magic?

Was it the flow?

Yes, to all of them!

Life is what we create it to be. We can create a life of stress and anxiety or we can consciously create a life of magic and flow.

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