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What if our "flaws" are actually our superpower?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

I had a dream the other night that I couldn’t escape my death because I was “too short.”

In real life I’m 5’1” and have had a love/hate relationship with my height. 

In my dream I died because I thought my height would hold me back from out running the person wishing to do me harm. 

But let me tell what else happened in that dream.....

I was able to reverse time just enough to change my mindset and escape. Time reversed to the moment I gave up and accepted my height as a flaw, as a death to what I wanted to achieve. 

So what was my mindset shift that saved my life in my dream? 
It was that my short height couldn't get places that a taller person couldn’t get to. It became my superpower and the very thing that saved me. 

So if you have a “flaw” that you dwell on and think it holds you back, I encourage you to look at it form a different perspective. 

What can you do with your flaw that others can’t do?

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