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It's Time to Speak Up for Yourself!

Being silent & hoping you’ll get what you desire doesn’t work! Trust me, I’ve tried this method for years. But this year I started speaking up for myself & the results have been life changing. 

Here’s an example:
My 40th birthday was fast approaching & I noticed my hubby didn’t plan anything special. Mind you I told him I didn’t want a big party & I’m not a surprise party kind of person. 
I started to feel down as I realized my birthday was going to come & go without doing something special on that day. We did go to a cabin a few weeks ago to celebrate a few birthdays (including mine); however, it is nice to have a special dinner or something on your birthday also. 

So I had two choices: 1) be silent, sad, & allow anger to build up toward my husband OR 2) kindly explain how I’m feeling & let my hubby know what I’d like to do. I opted for option 2. 
I shared my feelings & within a few hours we had plans for my birthday & we both felt so much better. 

You see, my hubby didn’t know what to do, so he did nothing. 
I wanted to do something but didn’t want to do anything big or expensive so I wasn’t sure what to do either. All we needed to do was communicate with each other & share our thoughts, our desires, & make a plan. The truth was we both wanted to celebrate. He wanted to do something special just as much as I did but it felt strange knowing we already did something special for my birthday. 

In the end we were both happy & loved the day we shared celebrating something special. 
It’s time to speak up!


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